So I got to play it after such a long time, and the first few times I tried playing it, it would always seem to be disconnected to the server.

It finally loaded this evening and I started playing it again! Still a level 1 n00b though, hehehe

after going around town and doing a few quests, some people invited me to join their party/crew. The first few, I found were farming some fluffs, but the last party I joined helped me a great deal!
The person who added me was really nice, and I can really say that I've made a new friend today! 3nodding heart

Sadly, I had to leave earlier than her because I have to sleep now.. I have somewhere to be early in the morning xp
I really had a fun time with her though. And she helped me try to finish some of my quests! (although some of the bosses were glitchy and we got k.o.'d during the 2nd boss battle) But fun nonetheless!

I can't wait to start playing zOMG! with her again soon!!