I dreamt I was walking through the mall. I was with two friends as we were about to be in a show together. I then realized that I was well known and semi-famous at that point because I've been on TV a few times. It was kinda awesome. Though one of the friends got sick so I had to go out and get some groceries to make food for all of us.

I had to ride this 3 wheeled bike that kinda drove itself like a unicycle. There was a legend I heard about a coin that was said to be the rarest in the world and worth a fortune. The Tiger, Pig, Bird, and Snake coin. It had a star in the center. I was singing a song on my way to the grocery store about it.

I had to go through a zoo and I tried to take a picture of this weird pig-dog-like thing and instead there was a koala that got in the way. I took a lot of pictures and because of the way the animals were acting it drew attention. I tried to leave quickly. When a lot of people came around as it made me uneasy.

There was a man who didn't want me to leave and wanted to know something I knew. I had to leave quickly and got away.