My Bio Story--Chapter 120

Zetsu, my father, and I continued down the path towards the mist village once again.

That mysterious man I saw in the forest. Who was he and what was he doing?

"Something troubling you, Asuke?" asked my father who had his back to me.

"Oh... um. It's nothing."

As we walked into the village, I felt a massive wave of dark chakra sweeping over me. I looked up ahead and saw Zetsu and my father standing in their tracks.

"You felt that, too, Asuke?" he asked with his back still facing me.

"Yeah. What could it be?"

Zetsu turned halfway around to look me in the eyes. "Tailed Demon Chakra."

"Isn't it a little weird that chakra like that is exposed freely? I mean, I thought Jinjuurikis kept to themselves."

"You're right. It might be a trap. But what else do we have to lose?"

We continued to follow the path of the leaking chakra. The closer we kept going, the more humid it seemed to get. This was the same feeling I experienced when I was smothered in the steam from that man's weird technique.

I ran down the path through the village. "Asuke, wait!"

Continuing my path, I noticed my vision began to get cloudy. I saw villagers of all ages walking away from the steam as if they knew what to expect.

Somewhere in the distance, I heard a loud roar. Not a wild animal's roar, but a monster of some sort. Could this be the demon? I've never seen a demon up close. My heart began to beat fast. Just how strong were these Tailed Beasts? I finally get a chance to experience their power with my own.

I felt my feet splash into water. I looked down and noticed I was at the shore of a lake, perhaps. I jumped onto the water to get my feet from under and continued to run. I heard the loud roar of raging waters and rocks collapsing. Whatever was in this steam, the demon was sure causing a lot of damage.

I jumped onto a nearby rocky pillar and ran up to escape the steam. As I stood at the very tip just above the misty cage, I saw about five giant tentacles whipping around in the air just before going back down into the warm foggy steam.

"What the hell was that?!" I exclaimed. I felt the pillar shake violently which forced me off towards the lake. Did it see me?

I landed onto the water with both feet and dodged one of the giant tentacles.

"Get away from me!" roared the beast.

In an instant, the water around me erupted, tossing me into the air.

"sh*t!" I activated my sharingan and managed to dodge four of the tentacles. Just as I touched back on the water, a giant tentacle came at me directly. I placed both hands out in front of me and waited for the impact.

Just as my hands touched it, I activated my Kyuubi chakra. The great force didn't kill me but thanks to the coating of the chakra, I was there blocking the great force with my bare hands.

The beast withdrew its tail and became silent. This was bad. I knew that something was going to happen. I stood there alone like a sitting duck. What am I going to do?

I saw a bright speck of light in the steam. I squinted to try and focus what it was. My eyes widened with fear. Everything seemed so fast. A loud explosion erupted in my ears and my eyes were shut tight. Was I dead?

I slowly opened my eyes and looked to my left. Before I shut my eyes, there were about four rocky pillars just next to me. Did that white light blow away those pillars instantly? I noticed the water was badly disturbed. How lucky was I to survive a missed attack like that? What the hell was I going up against? Was this the tailed beast I've been hearing about? How am I going to survive this fight?