A Seltenvogel (ZELT-en-foh-gel) is a bird-like Wesen, which Monroe compared to a canary or parakeet. They are hardly seen anymore--to the point where Monroe believed that they were extinct until Nick reported seeing one--and were previously kept as "pets" by royal families. Once in its lifetime, a Seltenvogel will develop a glandular bump on the center of their neck below their chin. Inside this bump is a golden item, called "Unbezahlbar" (meaning "priceless" wink , that must be cut out before it grows too large or the Seltenvogel will die. It is extremely rare, estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars; however, if broken, it is worthless. Seltenvogel is a combination of the words: "selten" meaning "rare", and "vogel" meaning "bird".