So The Fight Continues Between Two Of The Most Popular Games In History Halo 4 And Black Ops 2 From The Call Of Duty Series. In My Opinion I Think Halo 4 Just Destroyed All Call Of Duty Game in History. Call Of Duty Is Always The Same Concept They Put In New Weapons, New Maps, And Better Graphics. Thats Pretty Much The Call Of Duty Series. Halo 4 On The Other Hand Was What I Think Is The Next Step In The Gaming Community. At First Everyone Thought Halo 4 Was Going To Suck Because 343 Industries Made The Game This Time Instead Of Bungie. To Tell You The Truth I Thought The Game Was Gonna Suck Too But When The Game Came Out Everything Changed xD. But Anyways I Think 343 Industries Did A Way Better Job Then Bungie. Graphics Were Amazing, The Weapons Re - Created And Upgraded Into Something Better, New Enemies, New Weapons, And A New System They Put Into The Game. Recoil And Class Load Outs With Perks. I Know What You Must Be Thinking. "Oh 343 Industries Is Copying Infinity Ward Now" Well Guess What No One Cares This Is Known As Society Everyone Does s**t Like This But 343 Industries Did A Way Better Job Then Infinity Ward Mostly Because The Perk Actually Balanced None Of That Over Powered s**t Like In The Call Of Duty Franchise (Well Everything Is Balanced Until You Bring Up The Rocket Launcher xD) But Yeah Honestly 343 Industries Pretty Much Made Bungie Rich From What The News Says Bungie And 343 Industries Sold And Made $220 Million Dollars And They Also Broke The Record For How Many People Are Currently Halo 4 Within The First 5 Days. I Think It Was Around 4 Million Players Playing With The First 5 Days Idk Google It. But Yeah This Is Why I Think That Halo 4 Just Smacked The s**t Out Of Black Ops 2. But I Also Want To Here Your Opinions On Halo 4 And Black Ops 2 And Which One Is Better. May The Best Game Win c: