So This Morning Around 7 Am Me And My Friend Went To Danny's. A Little Diner Up The Street From Our High School. But Yeah We Went To Danny's To Eat. I've Never Been There And My Friend Was Paying My Breakfast. We Bought Something Called A SuperMan Meal For Only $6.00 And That Was And Maybe The Only Time In My Life When Im Actually Full. That Meal Came With 2 HUGE Pancakes 2 Sausages A Bunch Of Eggs And This Weird Thing Name Hash (Didnt Like The Hash) And Something Else But It Was Amazing We Ended Being Almost Late Just Cause Of That Meal. Oh And They Forgot About Our Drinks xD So Yeah We Ended Up Sitting And Eating For About 50 Minutes But It Was Worth It In The End. I Had A Full Stomach And I Cant Wait Till The Next Time I Go There biggrin I Give Danny's About A 9.5/10.0 I Recommend Going There If You Live In Rhode Island Or Close To It