today i work from 11am to 3pm. so i have to rework my eating schedule. sweatdrop

i need to eat something with protein very soon. and i need to dry my hair, put on the uniform, put on makeup, brush teeth etc.

must bribe myself... hmm... strong heart, running man andghost hunters. maybe that will do it. emotion_kirakira

had a poptart but need protein. but the thought of eating protein makes me feel a wee bit queasy. what's up with that? but i need to eat more, since i won't be out til 3.

i keep repeating this shift's responsibilities to myself too. it sounds too easy. that makes me nervous. i make and take the pathways cart, i set up my tables. serve. bus. reset. serve. and then clean and reset for dinner. and the last thing listed is talk to evening cook about what to plate or dish for dinner. i have no clue what that means. xd