Finding a person who died 100+ years ago is who you listen to over the person who has the exact same viewpoint on life. The person, of course, has to have that jackass word stamped onto their forehead before anyone even bothers with them; Philosopher.

Now, this takes me to a thread I responded to. I made my viewpoint, then another moron linked to some bullshit. Of course, the question became of, "What did the 'philosopher' do to come to this viewpoint?" Of course, the person doesn't ask "how" to any other person in there, it's all about reading about someone else, primarily those with the word 'philosopher' tagged to their forehead. The simple person cannot ever abide by these terms to give a proper response of how they came about it, but rather it's what some person who was just writing s**t down 300+ years ago in which someone decided to archive it under the term "Philosophy" that has dibs on that mentality. Of course, if I ever mentioned the same thing, the exact same thing some 'philosopher' said, well, it doesn't count. I have to have died before anyone bothers to take my words seriously, or I have to have linked to a 'source', AKA just another human with a pen, as if what he said ultimately trumps what I said, when I didn't read anyone else's work, just like that same 'philosopher' didn't, but what I say is completely irrelevant, because the 'philosopher' said it first without them having to provide a source to another 'philosopher'.

I said something along the same lines of some 'philosopher', but the question comes along to how the 'philosopher' came to those terms. You'll be forever blinded by the incessant need to be vindicated by a 'philosopher'. (Should I say "thanks" for a person providing me a link to a person who has a like-minded response to my own, when I don't really give a s**t?)

There is no source for a philosophy other than another dead human who wrote s**t down. This post is a 'philosophy' of the mentality of those who insist a person be labeled as a 'philosopher' by an overly moronic society before their viewpoints have any merit.

Person A is a "Philosopher", I'm just the "Basement Dweller".