one night as they reached the tomb khi realized that she never saw this tomb before and she didnt know what kind of traps where in it.
she spoke to bakura "i never worked in this one im not sure what to expect form this tomb" bakura just smiled and said
"it will be fine just do what you think you sould do" but all that went down hill because as soon as she walked in the door behind her closed and she was traped bakura tryed to open the door but it was to late the palase guareds where on the way and they had no choic but to leave khi behind she knew that they had to leave or risk being cought with her she sat on the cold ground and thought to her self.
"well i knew this was comming now they will find me and probly kill me but for some reason im not afrade" just then the door opend and the guards surounded her but just as she thought she was done for a preist came in and spoke to her "now what are you doing in here little one?" his smile was so friendly and he was so nice he helped her to her feet and walked her out of the tomb "now where is your home so we can take you back to your family" khi didnt want to go back to her father and if she led them to the boys the guardes would kill them "i... um.. i dont have a home or family "the preist's smile turned into a frown "well then thats no good i will have to take you to the pharoah and ask him what to do with you" khi's eyes got huge "the pharoah?" the preist smiled again dont worrie he is a kind and gentle man and he has a son about your age" he then helped her out and they road off back to the palace.

they entered the thron room and the young priest bowed to the pharoah "my lord we found this young girl in one of the tombs and i would like to know what we should to do with her she dosent have a family or home to go to" the pharoah put a hand to his chen then paused for a moment then he spoke up "she will be perfect for my son she can become a preastess for him and his councl" the young prest smiled and stoop up then the pharoah called for a lady named isis she walked in and bowed to him "yes my pharoah?" her voice was sweet and calming to khi. the pharoah looked at her and smiled "please take this young girl and clean her up she is to be your pupl and the newest member of my son's councl" she then stood up and smiled at khi and held out her hand to her "please come with me young one" khi took her hand and togather they walked to the washrooms where a bunch of ladys cleand her up and dressed her in white linin with gold arm bands and then lady isis took her to a small room well it was small to isis but to khi it was huge the room was biger than any she had seen before lady isis smiled at khi "so tell me what is your name little one" khi looked up at her and said shyly
"i am called khi" she smiled again and said "well khi i am isis and i will be teaching you how to ues magic" khi smiled and nodded then isis took her to meet the pharoah's son

he was out and playing with his friend mana when khi and isis walked into the cortyard he looked at khi and his eyes got huge she was so cute and shy all he wanted to do was be her friend so he and mana ran up to her and isis she huged isis's leg and hid behind her like a child would a mother but isis just smiled and said "khi this is prince atem and his friend mana he is the pharoah's son and the hear to the throne" khi looked at him and then bowed but he just put a hand on her shoulder "please dont think of me as the prince i want to be your friend. would you like to come play with mana and i?" khi looked up at him and then looked at isis she smiled at khi and nodded
then khi ran off with the prince and his friend.

as time passed the shy little girl that came to the palace and became friends with the prince of egypt and all the others and grue into a beautful lady and was loved by all. she soon found herself useing powerful magic and was good at it and the prince found himself falling for her but soon his father became ill and was dieing before there eyes
"my son" he said to the prince that was beside his bed holding his hand "a pharoah is nothing without his councl but even more inporint than that is love a king is nothing without his queen and you and khi are destened to be togather please my son marrie her and love her forever" with his last words he soon died and the prince was left to carrie on his legicey.

he stood there as the servents and priests carried his father's body to his final resting place as khi walked up from behind him and rested her hand on his shoulder "you know we will never forget him he was the greatest pharoah of his time but you know what?" the prince looked at her with tears in his eyes "what?" she smiled sweetly and held his hand in hers "i think you will be too" he turned back at the prests as the tears ran down his cheeks then he looked back at khi and said "his last wish was that i would marrie" khi smiled
"you should hounor his wish and marrie someone you really love" he blushed as he said "he wanted me to marrie you khi" her eyes got huge and then she nodest him blushing as the tears in his eyes began to dry "me? but im just a prestess" he smiled and held her hand to his lips and kissed it softly "yes but i dont know anyone who knows me better than you" she blushed and slowly noded her head
"then i would be honored to be your queen my pharoah"

after they all got back to the palce and they all sat down to eat the feast in the former pharoah's honor he maid the Announcement
"please may i have everyones attion my father has tolled me that his final wish was for me to marrie and have a queen to rule beside me and i have deasied that the one i will marrie will be the lady khi" khi smiled and bowed to him "thank you my pharoah i am honored" mana was the first one to stand up and clap for them then the others joined her khi and the pharoah sat next to eachother and ate the meal then after that they went to bed.
that night was cool and silent as khi slept in her bed dreaming of the happy times to come.

a week had passed and she now had a throne next to the pharoah but they had not yet married
it was te high perest seto's 18th birthday and the party was going quit well untill the guards came in with a young girl she was dressed in black from head to toe and was badly beaten the guardes had bound her hands behind her back and her head was down she looked like she was about to pass out just then the guard pushed her onto the ground "bow before the pharaoh you skum" then lady khi stood up from her throne "what is the meanning of this?" the guard bowed to her "my lady this girl was cought trying to rob a tomb in the vally of the kings" khi looked at the girl. she was reminded of herself at a younger age and she was also reminded of her first friend bakura but just then the young girl that looked so week spun around and bit the guard's leg so hard that it drue blood then in a harsh and raspy voice the girl spoke "relise me now or you all shall suffer" everyone looked at the girl as her green eyes tunred red and huge black wings sprouted from her back but just as it seemed that she was going to transform into a monster she fanted and fell to the floor the lady khi ran up to her and held the girl in her arms and the preasts looked at her "that girl has a grate power inside her" mahad said to karem and pharaoh. shada bowed to pharaoh "what should we do my loard?" the pharoah thought to him self for a moment
just then the priest seto spoke up "with all deue respect my pharaoh may i take her in i bleave i can teach her to harnce her power and use it to help us" khi stood up and scouled at seto "but seto she is just a young girl and you are to strict i think mahad or isis should take her in" the pharoah walked over to khi and put his hand on her soulder "please khi give seto a chance besides mahad and isis have there hands full right now and it is his birthday" khi smiled at him "well ok i wouldnt want her to go to the dungen so mabey its for the best"
seto smirked at her then nelt down and picked up the girl then took her to his room where he then laied her down on his bed and facened her to the post with a chan it wasnt to tight and she was left food and water.

back out side a shadowy figere stood by the palice gates "whats takeing her so long she should have been back by now i knew i couldnt count on a child to do this kind of job" as the girl lay in bed the shadowy figere slithered thru te pallace slintly first he serched the dungen but found nothing then he serched the rooms slintly he went from room to room untill he reached the room of seto and there she lay on the bed but as he reached out to touch her she sat up and looked strait at him he stood up and looked at her "you little fool i should have knon you would scrwe this simple task up that chan is infused with a powerful magic you wont be able to brake it" she felt her neck and the matel band around her it "what should i do bakura?" the man smirked "well jade you got your self into this and you can get your self out" she skouled at him "your not just going to leave me here are you?" he just turned around and walked out the same way he came
jade struggled and pulled at the chan but the more she did the more tired she became till she coulnt even stand up anymore she now lay on the floor gasping when a woman walked passed the room it was lady khi she looked at jade and came in and nelt beside her "you poor girl here have some water she held jade in her arms and held a cup of water to her lips please drink" jade took a sip of the water as tears weld up in her eyes lady khi just sat the cup on the floor and took out a clouth then wiped her tears just then the prest seto walked in and pulled her out of the lady khi's arms "this is my servent dont think you could just come in my chambers and take her"
as lady khi stood up and shot a look at seto that could kill jade's arm was taken by Priest Seto who led her from his room. His grip on her arm was tight, cutting off her circulation.
"Hey, you could loosen your grasp on me!" jade shouted, slapping his hand so that he let go.
She rubbed her limb, facing away from him. Seto's eyes were glaring at her, and she could feel it. Her cheeks flared up and she tried to shake away the burn of his eyes on the back of her.
"I hope you understand the embarrassment you put me through back there," he said coldly.
"It's not my fult she came in and offered me some water," jade explained, still not facing him.
"Just so you know, i dont approve of that woman even if she is the pharaoh's soon to be queen. So don't think i will just give you to her…"
jade heard him snicker and she so wanted to slap him. And that was exactly what she did…Her hand flung out and she crashed it against his face. She could feel a sting fly up her arm at the force she used to hit him. Priest Seto stumbled back, covering his mouth. A little red mark dripped from the corner of his mouth. He wiped it away and smirked. jade stepped back, afraid of what he was about to do, but she deserved exactly what he did. His hand smacked against her cheek, forcing her to the ground. jade strained away pain her eyes filled tears, not wishing to show him her aching.
"Try a stunt like that again and it will hurt much worse," Seto threatened.

jade whipped away a tear, hoping he didn't see it. She stumbled up, not looking into his eyes, and followed him down the hall. Silence filled the emptiness, creeping through corridors. jade was aching to shout and give him a piece of her mind, but the thought of what he'd do to her was keeping her concealed. They finally stopped at a door made of dark wood. Seto knocked hard and the door opened, revealing an old woman in her late fifties standing on the other side.
"Oh, Priest Seto, what a surprise-"
"I have a new servant for you to take care of. See to it that she has something to do by the time I return," Seto interrupted, walking off down a corridor.
jade stared into the woman's golden eyes and waited for what next.
"Well, he's always in a hurry. Pardon me, girl, what is your name?" the old woman asked.
she scouled at the woman "my name is jade and i refuse to be a slave to anyone expshly to that airgont snobby son of a b..." the woman put a hand to her lips "please come this way and we will get you washed up for dinner" jade fallowed the woman to a room with small tub and a bucket ther where no windows and no way out the woman then shoved her in then shut the door " jade sat down and began to wash herself when she was finished the woman walked back in with some clothes for her she got dressed and the woman walked her to another room where seto was waiting for her the room was dark but lit by torches and there was a large platform where a monster stood when jade saw it she looked at seto" what is going on here? "the woman just walked away and left her in seto's care he looked at her and smirked "this is the training room and that is your oponite" "MY oponit??? i have to fight that monster??" she looked at the monster and then at seto "there is no way im going to fight that thing" he smirked then comanded the monster to attack.
jade screamed and fell onto the ground as the monster held her down seto was about to give up just then jade's eyes turned blood red and a huge black dragon came forth. it felw up and rored then sowoped down and landed on the platforn in frount of the monster. seto's eyes wher huge as he comanded his monster to attack the dragon but when it tried the dragon thru its head back and fired a huge fireball at seto's monster as the fireball hit seto fell to his knees and geabed at his chest holding it as he gasped in pain jade looked up and gasped aswell then the dragon faded away.