Yes I Know You Must Being Reading This Title And Be Like Wtf But Dont Worry Its A Long Story. This Is The Continuation Of Journal Entrie #8. So Yeah After We Died We Talked About Roy And Ike And Who Was Better Then We Just Started Talking About All The Other Shitty Characters (The One People Dont Use) Like Princess Peach And Mr. Game And Watch Or How Ever You Spell His Name But Yeah Idk Why We Just Started Talking About The Shitty Characters It Just Happened But Thats When I Made To New Friends c: Suspicious Baby's And Pudding Stabber. Pudding Stabber Was Running 4 Buffs On Him But We Ended Up Telling Him To Which It xD And Suspicious Baby's Was The One Who Brought Up Super Smash Bros. Brawl And Said That She Would Be All Of Us In That Game I Laughed xD But In The End They Were Good Friends I Would Put There Real Name But That Would Be Rude To Put Someones Name On This Without There Permission So I Didnt Do It. But Thats It For This Story Ill Write One Tomorrow But Im Running Out Of Ideas So Leave A Subject In The Comment Box. (Not Like Anyone Reads These Anyways V.V #Forever Alone)