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UPDATED: September 24, 2017.

the last time I played my acnl games ( in game time )
( 1st game )
( 2nd game )Blue Sky : January 18, 2015 @ 7pm.
( 3rd game ) OvrThere : July 17, 2016 @ 5pm.

GENERAL you don't need my irl name. I'm 26, a girl & i'm from the USA.
i joined gaia on May 19th, it's been 5 years now.
I've changed my username a few times.
you might remember me as: sing me a lie, pikaseechu, im not hello kitty
pajama gamer, luffy with boobs, Tiramisschu or sleepy clorica.

i completed the f*cking pokedex and it only took me 6 generations to do it.
my first shiny was a totally random noctowl next to that pokemon village in X.

i don't care about sexual orientation, religion or politics.
i barely understand any of it anyway and it's not my place to shove my views on to others.

i'm kinda interested in learning to speak fluent Japanese and Korean.
other than a few anime terms, i know nothing.

i grew up with pokemon and I've played all the main series on games ( except BW2 ).
i think a blanket fresh from the dryer on a cold day is amazing.
i watch a lot of tv / youtube videos / netflix,
one of my favorite places to go are aquariums, can't remember the last time i went.
you will often catch me reading manga and other types of books, usually of the
teen fantasy or comedy genre.
i'm always wearing pajamas and walking around my house barefoot, guess it's my
do you remember those sprinkle animal cookies ( those pink and white ones )?
because that's probably my favorite f*cking cookie ( ok, i like all cookies... )
and i like just lazing around playing on my 3DS or lying in my bed doing nothing.

if you're curious about my favorite anime they are One Piece, Skip Beat!,
Moyashimon, Junjou Romantica, Kuragehime, Kyo Kara Maoh, Beelzebub, Gatchaman Crowds ( 1st season, haven't finished the 2nd ),
Beelzebub, Hozuki No Reitetsu, Eyeshield 21 and Kimi Ni Todoke.

I will start randomly humming songs things like the Raggs Reguiem from 07-Ghost,
Beelzebub's 3rd Openning, The Openning and Ending songs from Tsuritama,
Kobato's Ash*ta Kuru Hi, The song Victor & Emily play together in The Corpse
Bride, etc.

Quotes I Like Or Can Relate To:

"i hate nice girls. if they so much as say hello, it stays on my mind. if they return my texts, my heart races. the day one calls me, i know i'll look at my call history and grin. but i know that's just them being nice. people who are nice to me are also nice to everyone else. i almost end up forgetting that. if the truth is cruel, then lies must be kind. that's why kindness is a lie. i gave up on always expecting it, always mistaking it, and even hoping for it. someone who's worked hard at being alone doesn't fall for the same trick twice. i'm a veteran at this. i'm the best there is when it comes to losing. that's why i'll always...hate nice girls."

"when humans feel truly scared, they can't think about anyone else. they try to save themselves, even if it means sacrificing someone else. once they expose that ugly tendency, they can't be friends again . . . thinking that it's bad to run away is only for strong people. it's not always one's own fault. the world, our society, people around us . . . there are plenty of times when someone else is to blame. saying 'i can change myself' is just admitting defeat in order to adapt to this cold, cruel world, so that you can be its slave. it's no more than a basis for deceiving yourself and decorating it with pretty words." Hikigaya Hachiman.

'People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.'
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

'Sometimes I drink too much vodka or eat 3 servings of macaroni and cheese in one sitting, but by far the most unhealthy habit I have is comparing myself to others.'

“i feel small; but so are stars from a distance.”

"I bet touching a Goomy is like touching a boob".

"Since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage."

"It’s scary to decide, isn’t it? But we have to decide something. If we make a decision, things might change." Hajime Ichinose from gatchaman crowds.

"Nnnnnn... Cinnamon buns are not currency... Not yet, anyway..." Gulliver from Animal Crossing New Leaf.

'have you seen my shopping list lying around? it smells like cocoa, and the first item on it is "marshmallows."' Molly from Animal Crossing New Leaf.

"laying on the floor, playing with your dog."

"if you go to a restaurant at midnight...the menu only has food for zombies"
- tomodachi life.

"When i feel emotionally unsteady,
even wounds that would seem laughably
small to other people, for me, they can
run quite deep...Someone once said that
love really starts after you've gotten
together, and i think they got it right.
The more intimately you come to know
each other, the more you're at the mercy
of every casual remark that comes out of
their mouth. No matter how much you love
them, they'll never truly be 100% yours."
~ Nowaki from Junjou Romantica.

"You love someone, so you never want to
fall out of their favor. You always want
to be their number one. There's nothing
wrong with putting all your heart and
effort into pleasing the person you love,
like that. I do believe that, but...I
know I should just ask him if I'm
anxious. I could ask him, 'Am I really
somebody special to you?' 'What rank do
I hold in your heart?' Not that I would
ever say anything so childish. I don't
want to look bad in front of him. Or...
Or do I not even have the confidence to
imagine what his answer would be? Is the
man I am right now someone worthy of
Hiro-san's love in the first place...?"
- Nowaki from Junjou Romantica.

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true,
by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful."

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