A massive scream could be heard coming from the next room. It was the painstaking sound of a woman in labor. The husband who waited patiently while his wife gave pain staking birth to their new born child grew more anxious with every howl as he wished that there was something that he could do to help her through the pain, yet he knew there was nothing he could do but to wait outside while the attendants that cared for his wife tried to help with the delivering of his soon to be birth of his baby boy.

Several hours passed and after what seemed like an eternity, the sound of a crying baby was like a miracle. Shiro wanted to rush in and check on his wife but he knew better than to simply rush in. Instead he waited until one of the attendants opened the door that separated him from his wife and knew born son. Rushing to the door he begged to be let in to see his new family. "please let me see my wife and child." His words fell on deaf ears though. "I'm sorry but they are cleaning the child and your wife is in no condition to see you right now, what she needs most now is rest. once the child has been cleaned we will bring her to you." Shiro almost didn't comprehend what was being said to him. A girl? He was expecting to have a boy not girl. Many thoughts swirled around in his head about having a daughter. These thoughts quickly vanished as his little bundle of joy was placed in his hands. She was small and fragile, and yet among all these things she was his daughter, and realizing this he stayed up all night taking care of her.


Life had seemed to have gotten back to normal, Crecia his wife spent most of her time taking care of and playing with little Yuèliàng. Her name had come from the night she was born, it was a full moon. Hence where her name came from. Shiro himself was a busy man who trained young up and coming martial artist who aspired to be great. Yuèliàng liked to watch her father fight and practice his martial arts though she was not supposed to and was scolded whenever she was discovered peeping in from time to time.

Shiro didn't mean to be hard on her but he didn't think it becoming of a woman to learn martial arts. It had always been something that men learned and thus the thought of a female learning it was unheard of and down right ridiculous. Many times Shiro would find Yuèliàng spying on him from around a corner when she was supposed to be doing homework. It wasn't long before he buckled under the pressure of his sweet little girl asking him to teach her how to fight. He only did so under one condition though. Yuèliàng had to change her appearance and act like a boy. She even changed her name to sound more like that of a male and simply shortened it to Yue. She was aloud to keep her hair though she was required to style it after the average Chinese male.

As Yue continued to grow it became harder and harder to hide the fact that he was indeed a she, especially when her chest started to blossom. It was during that point in her life that she started taping her chest down so as to give her the appearance of having the typical flat male chest. Of course her chest got to the point where she could no longer just tape it she had to wear clothes over top as well just to hide her breasts. although at this point in her training Shiro had taught her the basics and told her that it was her time to journey and see the world. It was the only way that she would be able to continue her training. She was to learn from others and teach others if she could. She never really understood the meaning of wushu or why she fought people. She had always assumed that it had been to show others who was stronger and that strength demanded respect.


On his long journey Yue had come to fight against many people from all across china and had even made a bit of a reputation for himself though he still hadn't come to understand to the true meaning of wushu. It was after hearing word that his father fell ill, that he returned to his home town to check on his father and make sure that he was okay. but by the time he had gotten home he found that a fever had claimed Shiro's life.

Yue still had his mother to care for him but he didn't see much point in fighting anymore. He felt like he had run into a brick wall. Yue's father had passed away without telling him the secret to wushu, and his mother while a valued family member knew nothing about fighting. Feeling frustrated Yue and not knowing what to do he left on another journey, though this time his journey was one of self discovery rather than roaming the country side to try and prove that he was the best fighter in all of china.

Yue spent the next 25 years traveling from town to town and helping those in need whether they just be simple tasks like planting crops or gathering wood. During his journeys he came to discover the true concept behind wushu and why it existed. It was true that wushu was a way of testings one own strength, but it was more than that. It wasn't about just proving that your were a better fighter than someone else. It was the way to discover ones own weaknesses and learn from others how to strengthen yourself as a person so that the next time you faced them in battle you would have improved. In a sense Yue learned about the world and how others should be treated. He sees the world through different eyes and while it took him a life time to learn the values and concept of life as a whole He regrets nothing.

Currently Yue is an instructor of the martial arts and has several disciples who follow underneath him and constantly look to him for guidance and advice. It was they who signed him up for this tournament. Of course they were given a good talking to after Yue found out, Though it was not Yue who reprimanded them. In fact it was Yue to spared them the scolding saying "It's not their fault, they simply think highly of me, and if anything I heard there was a prize offered for the winner, either way it would be a great learning experience for me."