it is so cold and windy out it is like 30 outside joc stayed home sick mom has her here at my house last nite i was ready to strangal joc i wount have but i was fed up with her snide comments about everything i said or did justin had a friend over at my house 4 like 2h mom had 2 take the kid home thay played xbox 360 in rods room greatchen had 2 go 2 the vet saterday she has a infection on her back leg it was gross but will heal in time vet said it was 4rom old age i think so yeah i am so sick of my sis kids being at my house i am allmost done watching s2 of teen wolf on netflix i have seen the s2 b4 when it was on mtv on vod but i love the show i did get $20 4rom my cuz 4 letting dru out saterday i did finaly see last week ep of glee the grease ep it was good poor blanie i also seen the latest ep of once upon a time and revenge sunday nite tom had 2 come get jonahs school books 4rom my house this morning the turter was at jos and jonah was being stupid and not get up out of his bed and was slacking off he prob didnot do his home work but whut can u do sam is doing laundry at my house now and im hungry im going 2 look 4 a snack