Name: Karma
Age: 18
>Life< Everyone hates you, because your to different. That is, everyone but Gaara and Temari. Your family was killed by a mysterious figure. You are from the sand village, but moved to the hidden leaf village. During the exams, you cheered on Gaara and his team. You have very limited friends.
>>>What they think of you<<<
Naruto: She freak scary. Beleive it!
Sasuke: Whatever.
Sakura: She's demented.
Ino: I agree with Sakura for once.
Hinata:*Faints at the sound of your name*
Kiba: Creapy.
Choji:*to busy eating chips*
Lee:*faints also* (me:O_o)
Neji: Her fate is filled with dispair.
Tenten:Scary!!! Freaking scary!!!
Temari:She's cool. I mean we are friends.
Gaara:*blushes at the sound of your name*(me; Gaara has a crush)
Bf: Gaara
Bff: Temari