So Smob Was A Disaster xD. It Was A Bit Sloppy When We Were Doing Ring Check Cause I Had To Switch Account So That I Could Get Most Of My Rings At 10.0 But In The End We Didnt Finish xD. It Was Running A Bit Sloppy When We Tried To Rush It In The Beginning But We Barely Managed To Get Past The First Part. When We Got Into The Middle Of The First Zone Everything Just Went To s**t xD. Everyone Just Died Out Of No Where. I Went Afk For About A Minute And The Next Thing I Know There Were Only 2 People Alive. We Barely Survived That FireFight xD. Later In That Smob Rush When We Got To The Mermaid Queen All Hope Was Lost. She Was A 20.6. Like Wtf A 20.6 V.s. 5 10.0, Well In The End We All Died But We Kept Using Revives But We Still Couldnt Be That Sack Of s**t xD. Well Whatever, After That Fight We Just Sat There Talking About Super Smash Bros. Brawl xD. We Were Fighting Over Who Better? Ike Or Roy. I Personally Think That Ike Would Sit On Roy xD. But Still Whatever I Made 2 New Friends c:. I Forgot There Names Already So Ill Be Right Back biggrin
To Be Continued c: