I Dream of Vampires

The night was pitch black, a brutal hurricane had recently ravaged my city, trees downed, cars crushed. Houses swept away by water and wind alike. My home without power or heat. So I left for awhile wrapped in my heaviest winter coat visiting the park only a few block from my house. A few vagrants had gone to the picnic areas and lit fires, I saw some people I knew from my neighborhood huddled around them, looking tired and most of all depressed. This was the worst storm New York had seen in some time and recovery was only just beginning.

I sat far removed from the rest of the people crowded together, my chilly blue eyes almost grey watching over the scene. In the distance I saw two figures moving towards me, the feminine sway of their hips giving away their gender. As they approached things became even more unusual both were dressed not in heavy summer clothes but in light summer dresses. And as my eyes finally adjusted to the dark I saw their features. I had to clench my jaw to prevent my mouth from falling open. Beauty wasn't even the word to describe this pair. One had silky grey silver hair the latter parts hemmed with black. The other a deep mix of crimson and raven. Their features seemed almost royal the silver haired girl having milky grey-silver eyes to match. The raven haired one had eyes of deep amber gold.

I must have been dreaming a pair like this couldn't possibly exist, nor would I understand why they were approaching me. But all the same I did my best to compose myself despite the aching cold, even as I felt the chills creep up my spine. Their beauty was most certainly unnatural but that only drew me to them even more.

**This is an RP based along a dream I had the night before this was posted. It involves the love between a pair of vampire girls and of course myself. The dream did not have too much detail either that or I cannot remember it, but I woke feeling a longing to relive it. I believe there's a lot of room for flexibility and story so hopefully we can enjoy this.