I guess it started out with Sky and me playing LBP2. We were gentleman Sonic and Tails. I wanted to test and see if I could walk on a section of the floor but just fell to my doom. Sky made the jump but wiring under the floor grabbed him and he had to kill himself to get out and retry.

Then I guess we went on some trip together. There was this weird thing...It was like a super tall pole and it had these stiff rods or ropes or something coming out of it. We got on them and just kind of clung to them like a witch on a broom I guess? They lifted us into the air and moved us to a pool. It set us down and the area looked a lot like Waterworld, I think.

So we wandered together through this hotel or something. There were a lot of animu cosplay folk there. We wandered there a bit but then ended up outside at a hiking area that looked a lot like Lair the Bear. We hooked arms like we were in the Wizard of Oz or something and started walking alongside a very narrow path next to a lake. Suddenly he took off running, so I chased after him.

I ended up losing Sky and was somehow in a home with Patty and Lynzy. We discussed how Riley wouldn't be able to dodge a meteor shower for some reason. Then suddenly, there was a meteor shower outside. There was a window on the ceiling, so you could see them up there too. It was simply beautiful. It was really dark out, so it was really neat seeing the meteors all bright and flying through the sky. It looked like they were going to hit us, but they never did.

I started worrying about Sky and Jake. So I called Jake first since I hadn't heard from him longest. He picked up and I asked if he was okay in the meteor shower. He told me he was fine and that he lives in TX so our weather isn't the same and so there's no meteor shower there. I felt silly and then we hung up after a bit.

Next I was suddenly back in the hotel again. I finally found Sky and felt relieved. I told him I was worried about him and he said he'd just been here the entire time. Suddenly he took off running again. I chased him yet again and suddenly he yells, "Ahhh!! Mexicans!!" and runs the other way. So, I chase him the other way. Suddenly things are calm again and we are just going down a flight of stairs.

Somehow I ended up in a hotel room with Ri, Lyn, and Tanner. Tanner was mad at me for some reason, and Riley was making weird sweet tea. The Riley-way to make it was to chew the flavoring for the sweet tea then spit it into some water or something. I got irritated and said I wished I had just let Lynzy make something for me instead.

That...is....about it...? xD