omg it is so windy out side im in my room on my bed at 11 am and my screen in my window is noisey my mom has justin now thay whent 2 get donuts and rob drove joc is with them my dad had jet all yeasterday at the propity i was so happy 2 see jet when chris brought him home and dad has jet 2day i cant wait 2 watch revenge and once upon a time 2night and the nabores that lived in the app by my window finaly mover out yay thay where noisey and the little girl was so flippen loud mom thinks she has a ment illness and her meds where worng but i dont have 2 think about them ever again now im watching s2 of teen wolf on netflix and s7 disc 1 of smallville now on my dvd player in my room i hate lana u cant just fake ur death and come back 2 clark and pretend every thing is ok plus clark told her his secret now the enimie knows kara is ok jimmy is stupied and he likes kara plus kara saved lex now lex is going 2 have a stalker intrest in kara if shes not careful and come on lois works ant the daily planet now she cant write 2 save her like i think plus she is 2 cuaris 4 her own good some day she will find her self is so much trouble not even clark can help her well im hungry im going 2 go find lunch