Appearance Info:
Name: Zina Paa
Nickname (If any):
Race: Gazelle
Height: 5'3''
Eye color: Brown
Hair Color and style: Black, long and messy.
Skin color: Dark tan.
Blood Type: O-
Weapon (If any): Skull staff

Personality Info: Strong willed, short-tempered
Sexuality: Straight
Powers (No more than 5):

Weaknesses: Physical attacks, her fear of heights
Likes: Colors, bread, running, exploring, music
Dislikes: Cages
Story: There's not much to this Gazelle. She was born in Africa, her mother being a shaman, she was taught well by her. Once she was old enough, she decided to travel, leaving her village behind and living in the cities. Loving the city life, she decided to go to Gaia, where she could still practice her spells and enjoy of the nightlife. Her home is in Halloweentown, close the town's center.

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Living Room:
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Bed Room:
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