Murciélago (Mur-cee-AY-la-go) are bat-like creatures that originate from Spain. They have glowing red eyes and vicious rows of teeth. They have the ability to produce a sonic shriek that is fatal to humans. The shriek ruptures eardrums, eyeballs, nasal passages, and bowels, as well as breaking glass in the vicinity. In addition to their sonic shriek, Murciélago also possess razor-sharp claws that they use as secondary weapons. Monroe refers to Murciélago as "Geölterblitz" (literally "greased lightning", an actual German phrase for someone really fast) and "bats out of Hell". A Murciélago's screech is particularly unpleasant to the sensitive hearing of a Blutbad. As Monroe puts it, it can "peel the bark off a dog". The best way to fight a Murciélago is to use a hand-cranked siren known as a Murciélago Matraca, which emits a supersonic noise that temporarily renders the Murciélago incompetent. Murciélago is Spanish for bat.