Love c: Makes You Do Stupid Things XD Well Anyway Im Confused With My Love Life ._. My GirlFriend Has 2 Boyfriends. Im Not Mad At Her For Doing This I Already Knew About This And A Matter Of A Fact I Still Love Her. It Just That Im Confused Who She Loves More. Shes Been With Her BoyFriend For 2 Years And With Me For About 1 Week. Shes Says She Likes Us Both Equally And I Thank Her For That For Being Honest. Its Just That Eventually Shes Gonna Have To Pick Between The 2 Of Us And I Still Love Her Even Though Shes Loves Us Both. Its Just I Dont Want To Let Her Go And Something Tells Me When The Time Comes Shes Not Going To Pick Me. To Be The One That Walks Away With A Beautiful Girl That I Love. <3