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C H A P T E R - 1
The Storm.


"No... No, I didn't see them... They weren't there. Something drove the Storm off."


"Princess! Princess, I bring news!"

"This is about that giant red vortex in the sky, yes?"

"Erm... Yes..."

"This is the second time... We need to investigate deeper. I know just who to call."


-Everfree Forest-

[This dark environment appears to be completely frozen in time, as it always seems to be night. The trees are hunched, leaves reaching the ground. The wildlife is almost certainly hostile. Even the plants themselves pose very strange, yet real, dangers to anypony who dares travel into these seemingly cursed woods; a small world that stands out in a much bigger, brighter world.]

Rainbow Dash: [She awakens within an eerie clearing, the trees aligned in a perfect circle. The clearing is ironically gloomy, as well as cold and moist. There is a redness about this dark mist which is barely shown in the pale gray ground. Plants around this clearing seem to be dead, yet persisting.] ...Huh? [Looking around the environment.] ... This is the... I remember... everything! I'm back! I made it back! Cruce, you did it! ... [Searching for Cruce.] Cruce...? Hey, Cruce! Quit hiding! Come on out! ... [Feeling more nervous now...] Heh... okay, real funny... Puttin' the scare on 'ol Rainbow Dash in the Everfree Forest... I get it... [Gulp.] ...This isn't as great as I'd hoped it would be...

Cruce: [Wakes up slowly at Dash's, unseen by her in the heavy mist.] Uuugh, I'm here, I'm here... Big headache, but--hey, where are you anyway? I can't see anything...

Rainbow Dash: I'll follow your voice. It should be no problem! [She treads carefully in the foggy clearing.] ...Well I can't follow your voice if you don't say anything!

Cruce: Right, sorry about that. Hey, just a heads up, I feel really kind of strange, so when you see me, there's a chance you may freak o--[As he stands up and turns around, his face is only inches from Rainbow Dash's.]

Rainbow Dash: [Lifts herself back.] Aaaah!! [Sets down.] Wait, you're not scary...

Cruce: [He has transformed into a black earth pony. Being a colt, he is only slight taller than Rainbow. His eyes are blue, as is a portion of his mane and tale. The majority of both are black as well. His underbelly is dark blue, and he appears to possess streaks of the same color on his sides. His cutie mark appears to exist already, and is a peculiar azure and white cross-shape, effectively a miniature diagonal Crossblade on both sides of his flank.] Glad we could both come to that conclusion. Did I turn into something else?

Rainbow Dash: Yup. Looks like you're one of us now. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were one of those changelings.

Cruce: (One of her...?) ...[He blinks a few times.] ...First off, 'sounds like your memory's back, which is awesome. Second, what do you mean by "one of us"?

Rainbow Dash: Weeeell... [Her eyes shift up as she thinks as a way to put it lightly.] You're a pony. Like with hooves and stuff. [Starts hovering around Cruce, poking at his mane and tail.] With a mane up here, and a tail back here, and--hey, cool cutie mark! Wait a sec, how'd you get a cutie mark?! You weren't a pony to begin with, right?

Cruce: A cutie mark? (Oh dear God, what world is this? I'd never stopped to think about it...) I was a human. I keep turning into things other than a human... I guess this form, which I still can't really see, is a side effect of being on this world.

Rainbow Dash: [She shrugs, both arms out.] Maybe. Beats me. We should get out of this forest. I know a place where you can at least see your own hoof in front of her face. [Lifts her arm, attempting to see said hoof.] And you'll get to meet all of my... [Her ears splay.] My friends...

Cruce: Hey, sounds good! Might as well while I'm here, right? I'd be happy to see around this world for a while... Something the matter? You sounded kinda down on that last bit.

Rainbow Dash: [With her head low, she speaks.] Some loyal pal I am. What kind of pony forgets her friends just like that?

Cruce: ...Oh, that... You know, I'm still dealing with amnesia. I couldn't remember my own mother if I had to.

Rainbow Dash: Oh, ouch... Right, I shouldn't complain so much. But it bugs me that I could only remember them when someone else just so HAPPENED to say their name. Like, what are even the chances of that?

Cruce: You have every right to be upset about it if you value your friends and your loyalty... But I heard a lot of stuff about the Strayer Void, like how passing through makes you lose your memory. We can talk about it more on the way.

Rainbow Dash: Okay. [She nods.] Try not to get lost!

Cruce: No promises, I'm new here with no memory. 'S about as sketchy as it gets.

Rainbow Dash: Just stay close.

Cruce: Can do, hopefully will do.

[The two start slow, staying close in the misty clearing...]



[Elsewhere, the sun is high and the daylight is bright. The mood, however, is not so. Many who reside within this quaint, colorful town appeared to be troubled by a number of things...]

[Within a large, tree-like house...]

Twilight Sparkle: [This young, purple unicorn is reading through a thick, anonymous book quite frantically, talking to herself as she does so. Her horn glistens as she seems to hold the book up with telekinesis, pages flipping quickly.] Red clouds, lots of lightning, no no no... Ugh! It's not in here either. [She turns around, facing the rest of her large library.] Spike, how's the searching coming along?

Spike: [A baby dragon, overall purple with green spikes starting large at his head, getting progressively smaller as they run down his back. At the moment, he is standing on a ladder, searching the bookshelves. He is also carrying an unstable stack of books, having trouble balancing.] I've looked for every book that has to do with clouds. I can only find stuff about the Pegasi and Cloudsdale. [As he tries to reach for another book, he wobbles.] Whoawhoawhoa... Aa... Whaa! [He falls backwards, hitting the floor with a thud.] Oof! [The books pile on top of him...]

Twilight Sparkle: [Sighs, rolling her eyes.] If I had an nickel for every time that happened... [Using her magic, she lifts a few books from Spike, allowing him to sit up, which he does so, rubbing his head.] We're running out of options. I'm beginning to think that the book we're looking for isn't here.

Spike: [Remains seated, he gasps and speaks sarcastically.] The great book worm Twilight admitting that she doesn't have a book?!

Twilight Sparkle: [Sighs again.] Actually, it does kind of feel strange to admit that. But I think I know where we can find something that could help us. [She trots to a window, casually looking out at the view of the town.] I'm sure Star Swirl the Bearded kept track of crazy events like this. It's bound to be in his library!

Spike: Awww, that means we gotta go all the way to Canterlot... [He falls back, laying against the books with both arms out. Suddenly however, his cheeks go puffy. He belches a greenish fire. From this fire comes a note wrapped with a red string.]

Twilight Sparkle: [Hears Spike and turns around, shocked at the sight of the note. Her horn brightens as she pulls the note through the air, untying as she does so.] A letter from the Princess...? [The letter unfolds before her. She reads it aloud.] "Dear Twilight Sparkle... My faithful student, I am sure you and many others of Ponyville have noticed the great red storm in the sky occur a second time. It has come to my attention that we can no longer ignore this phenomenon. I realize this may be overdue, but I wish for you and your friends to investigate the area beneath this large cyclone's repeated zone of display: the Everfree Forest. I am aware of the dangers within the forest, though I trust in each of your abilities and your combined strength as friends. Each of you have proven yourselves capable enough, however do be careful. Once you have finished, report any findings back to me. I give you my best wishes. Good luck. Yours truly, Princess Celestia."

Spike: Whoa, that's a direct order from the Princess...

Twilight Sparkle: [Lowers the note, blinking.] It sure is, Spike...

Spike: ...Well? [He speaks while standing up, attempting to walk from the pile of books. He trips and falls down the small pile.] Umph! ...What are you going to do?

Twilight Sparkle: What any responsible student would do. I'm going to get the others, and we're going to investigate the Everfree Forest... But... [Lowers her head and neck.] It's not like the gang's all here...

Spike: [He stands once again, this time successfully.] Shucks, yeah. Rainbow Dash is still missing. Hey, do you think maybe that crazy swirling cloud thing has something to do with her disappearance?

Twilight Sparkle: [Lifts her head.] Oh, Spike, don't be silly. Rainbow's reckless, but she's not going to fly into something like that. Now come on. [She allows Spike to hop onto her back. He does so.] We don't want to keep the Princess waiting. Let's go.


[Near the center of the town, a small group of ponies are gathered around a peculiar scene. Twilight and Spike arrive at this scene.]

Twilight Sparkle: Huh? [Trotting up to the crowd.] I wonder what's going on here... See anything, Spike?

Spike: [Observing the crowd.] Hmm, I can't see a thing from here... Wait a second, I think I see Fluttershy. Darn, I thought someone was break dancing!

Twilight Sparkle: [She smiles and shakes her head.] Excuse me, sir? [She asks for a colt's attention at the back of the group. He turns to face Twilight.]

Ponyville Resident: Yes? Wondering about what's going on, are you?

Twilight Sparkle: Uh-huh.

Spike: Is someone dancing?

Ponyville Resident: No, no dancing here. Fluttershy walked into town with an oddly colored rabbit friend.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, that's all? [Chuckles a little bit, turning her head slightly to talk to Spike.] I thought it was something a bit more impressive than that.

Ponyville Resident: Oh, but it is. This rabbit can talk.

Twilight Sparkle: Huh...? [Tilts her head back.] A talking rabbit? This I need to see...

[Twilight works her way politely through the crowd, reaching the front. She sees the rabbit, who is standing on its hind legs. Its fur is a pale yellow color, actually quite similar to the pony's near it. This is Fluttershy, a pale yellow pegasus. Both her mane and tail are quite long, and are a gentle hue of pink.]

Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy!

Fluttershy: [Speaking softly.] Oh. Good afternoon Twilight. You too, Spike. So nice to see you two.

Spike: [Smiles in response.]

Twilight Sparkle: You too. But I've gotta say, it's kind of strange seeing you as the center of attention.

Fluttershy: Oh. I'm not the center of attention, oh no. That's my new talking friend. [She lowers her head to the small rabbit.] Isn't that right, little Safiri?

Safiri: [Much like her Safan form, there is a small magenta flower in her hair, or where her hair would otherwise be. She grins nervously, yet sincerely.] Heheh, yeah. I guess so.

Twilight Sparkle: Wah!! [She jumps, knocking Spike off of her back. He hits the ground yet again.]

Spike: Ungh! ...Owww... [Simply lays there.]

Fluttershy: Uh, don't worry, she's friendly. I found her at the edge of the Everfree Forest wandering around. I thought bringing her here might clear a couple things up.

Safiri: After going through those woods, I was a little shaken. I needed a change of scenery, and Fluttershy did a good job of helping me with that.

Rarity: [A white unicorn with an elegant purple mane and a graceful tail. She is accompanied by two other ponies, Applejack and Pinkie Pie, she joins in. It is at this time that the group starts to disperse.] I must ask, what is all of this commotion about?

Pinkie Pie: [A very pink earth pony, her curly mane and tail much darker than her actual body. She speaks quickly, and in an upbeat tone.] Yeah! I mean what a strange place for a party, right?! Oh, wait, is this even a party, or are we just here because the weather's nice? I mean the weather is nice.

Applejack: [An orange earth pony with a bright yellow mane and tail, a red tie in both. She wears a brown cowgirl hat and speaks in with a southern American dialect.] And why in tarnation does Twilight look like she'd just gone a day without readin'?

Fluttershy: Gee, I don't know. Are you okay. Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: [Regains herself.] Uh, s-sure... I'm sorry, I got caught off guard... Listen, I'm so glad you're all here. I just got a letter from the Princess regarding that second red cyclone in the sky. She wants us to go check out the area it happened over: the Everfree Forest.

Fluttershy: Eep...!

Rarity: An order from Princess Celestia herself?! What a fine opportunity!

Applejack: You said it. If she wants us goin' into those woods, I say we get movin'! Ya'll never know when we could stumble across a missing pegasus.

Pinkie Pie: Oh oh! [Raises a leg.] Is it Rainbow Dash?!

Applejack: ...Uh... yes...

Pinkie Pie: Whoopee! I win!

Safiri: Hold on... red cyclone... Rainbow Dash... I think uh...

Fluttershy: Might you know something about our friend, little Safiri?

Rarity: ...Did that rabbit just speak?

Applejack: Yyyyep. 'Rabbit just spoke.

Safiri: Yes. She's blue, with a rainbow tail and hair. Hard to miss. I also know about the red clouds.

Twilight Sparkle: You do?! You wouldn't mind coming with us and telling us more about both along the way, would you?

Safiri: Nope, not at all. I'd be more than happy to help out in any way I can.

Fluttershy: Oh, thank you so much, little Safiri. I think Angel would love to have another playmate.

Twilight Sparkle: [She allows Spike back on her back.] This is all the kind of news we needed to hear! Well, is everypony ready to investigate the Everfree Forest?

Pinkie Pie: Ready's my middle name! Well actually it's not, but it's close! But actually it's not, but I'm ready! So I guess it kind of its close if you really think about it!

Rarity: [She groans lightly.] Had I known I'd be going into the dirty wilderness beforehand, I would have taken the proper precautions. But there's no time for that. I am ready!

Applejack: Sounds like we're all rarin' to go. Let's all hit the road!

Twilight Sparkle: Agreed!

[With Safiri in their company, the ponies start toward the dark forest in question...]


"Safiri, was it? Mind tellin' us where ya'll showed up from?"

"I came from another world. I passed through that red storm to get here."

"Another world?!"

"I would've never thought such a thing was possible."

"Well sure, Rarity! Aliens have to exist somewhere."

"Oh, but this isn't like another planet... Er, it is another planet. It's called Safa. But it's in a whole different universe."

"Another universe?!?"

"This is so superdy duperdy crazy! It's making my head spin! Do you think that there's a universe with another Pinkie Pie in it? Ohhh, what if there's a whole BUNCH of universes like that?!"

"It's anyone's guess..."

"So Safiri, do you know where Rainbow Dash is?"

"...She's probably here... She was on Safa with all of us, but one of my reckless friends caused that big rift to open again, and most likely brought her back home."

"Reckless, heheh. Sounds like they get along."

"Also sounds like this friend of yours is very powerful if he can open a rift in space. I don't even know of any spells that can open a portal that large. So, was this portal what caused Rainbow Dash to disappear in the first place?"

"From what I know, I'd say yeah. It must've opened randomly on this world, and sucked her in."

"HAH! I knew it!"

"Looks like you were right, Spike. I sure hope she's okay."

"She lost her memory... but I think she might be fine now. I was told a lot about the red storm. It's called the Strayer Void. And one of its effects is temporary amnesia. But when you pass through it returning to your original home, you get your memories back."

"Let's hope she remembers us... Say, you seem to remember everything alright."

"That's been on my mind ever since I got here. I can remember all my friends, my home... everything. I have no clue why. I shouldn't be able to."

"I think you might've gotten lucky, darling."

"Gee, I hope so..."


[With the Strayer Void partially explained, the group reaches the edge of the shady forest... At the same time, two figures walk from its shadows.]

Twilight Sparkle: Hold on girls, I see someone coming. [She stops at the head of the group...]

[One of these figures are flying, the other walking. The flying character appears much brighter than the grounded.]

Applejack: What the hay? Is that...? [She steps forward, leaning in and squinting.]

Rarity: Oh, is it...?

Pinkie Pie: Dramatic questions left unfinished...? [Leans in as well.]

[The two figures breach the dark mist of the forest. One is Rainbow Dash. The other is a black colt unknown to these ponies. Cruce...]

Rainbow Dash: [She stops, gasping quietly.] ...Girls...! Is that really you?!

Twilight Sparkle: We could ask the same question, Rainbow...

Rainbow Dash: [In a burst of joy, she darts forward, landing in the center of her friends.] Finally!

Pinkie Pie: Yay! Group hug!

[Each of the ponies gather together closely, giggling as they rejoice.]

Twilight Sparkle: [Smiling wide.] Welcome home.

Rainbow Dash: [Nearly tearing up.] Hrg... Don't cry. Be strong...

Fluttershy: Um... I cried... We all thought you were in big trouble.

Rarity: Oh, yes, heavens... Do you know how worried we were?!

Applejack: Even Apple Bloom couldn't sleep thinkin' of you in danger!

Rainbow Dash: [She bursts into tears.] Bwaaaahhh! I'm so sorryyyy!! I missed you so muuuuch!

[Safiri slips away, approaching the mysterious colt...]

Safiri: ...[Looks up at him.]

Cruce: [He smiles at the sight of the ponies gathered together, hardly noticing the rabbit. He whispers to himself.] You did good, Cruce... You did what you could, and for once, it looks good.

Safiri: Ahem.

Cruce: [Looks down at the yellow rabbit.] Oh hello. Sorry, I didn't see ya therrrrrr[Freezes in his speech, recognizing Safiri's look. He relates it to Plusle, a previous form of hers.]rreeeyoouuuuu're...

Safiri: Yep. Yep I am. [She stands on her hind legs and crosses her arms, upset.]

Cruce: Safiri...

Well that was a new experience. These characters are going to be fun to work with.