my good flaws are

im caring,very helpful,very giving

im intelligent,i do a lot of things on my own nowand is responsible for myself now i do my own wash and everything now

i can cook and cleani can take care of myselfim learning how not to let a** hole take advatnatge of me

i know what i want in life and what kinda life that i want

im capable of traveling on my own and without any help

i got a pretty smile and beautiful curly hair i got beautiful eyes

im good at dressing myself and can put my make up on very nice

i can shop on my own and i don't spend that much on just me

i am learning how to budget

i know how to be polite and how to say please thank you and may i

i accept my friends as who they are and i treat everyone how they want to be treated

i know how to be healthy and i know how important it is to keep healthy and be germ free

i have grown up a lot just this past year

now my bad

lets see my flaws are....i can be selfish,i snap at people,i can be hateful,i over react, im fat,i hate excersizing,i hate being wrong,im ashamed to admit if im wrong,i cuss way to much,i don't always like to clean after myself,i cry and yell if i don't get my own way,and is used to being spoiled,and im still immature and still needs to grow up, and im bad at ignoring people and at walking away.