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My stories/ideas/life/games
Well,this is where I'll type in stories,my ideas for stories,stuff that happens in my life,and some games.
Just small talk and Rants
Okay, seeing my journal was dead for quite a while, I'll do some small rant about things in my life. So good, some bad. Some even funny...


Okay, so I was on my facebook and browsing through my friend's interest. One was he like a picture of obama and the dark night.[here] and then I read the comments. Here's some of my responses to them....

..... Do you really believe Obama is like "regular" Middle class people????? Have you seen how the Obama's live? Are their children going to public school???? The answer to that question is NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You obviously live under a rock. Try coming up for air!!!!!
- Okay, first off, Obama lives like that because he's a president, all presidents live int the white house. Second of all, the reason for his children not going to public schools are pretty obvious, they're the children of a president. Some anit obama teacher might just doing something bad to them like ransom(highly unlikely but who knows) or fail them.

Comment about people not knowing his religious beliefs...
Who cares about his religious beliefs? Jesus isn't real.
- First off, that's kinda offensive to some people. Plus it's nice to have some hope for the afterlife....

Please don't compare a great hero with a known criminal!! the only thing separating Obama from the Joker is the face paint!!
From Me: And to all the other people complaining about him not being batman and s**t....

Okay, this is where my rant kind comes in place. Yes, that is kinda a coincidence, and I kinda figured out what it mean. I know this is meant as a joke but...

In the movie, (SPOILER) Batman was seen as an evil, villainous criminal. He was chase by cops, people wanted him brought to Justice, PERIOD.
But he started with good intentions. And still tried helping the city with good intentions. But in the end, he was finally recognized as a hero after the ultimate sacrafice.
I'm the hero Gotham needs..but not the one they deserve...

Lets apply this to Obama, everyone thinks he was a bad president, but in truth; He tried his best to help the country. He made obama care, and tried stopping the ressesion to turning into a depression. Obama is a criminal faced good guy...
He's the president we needed....but not the one we deserved...

[After reading something about Romney stopping illegal immagration and how mexicans are taking up all the jobs]

-Okay, before I respond to this one, I live in california so I know so people from mexico who came here LEGALLY and maybe one person that came illegally.
Okay sir, about these jobs being taken. Most mexicans that come here can't get a decent job!(no offense, but I mean something that pays really well like welding and realitors, that stuff) My grandma came here and when she got her first job, it was in the fields at 17 years old!! She still even works in the fields, except she doesn't pick anymore due to her age. She is the supervisor. And the jobs that mexicans take(again, no offense and trying not being racist) are jobs in the fields. Now tell me, if we send all illegals back to mexico, the buisness isn't going to be going as fast! Now tell me, who do you see picking the fruits? MEXICANS! I'm hispanic myself, and I see absolutely NOT THAT MUCH AFRICAN AMERICANS, AND ABSOLUTELY NO WHITE PEOPLE!!! So tell me, who YOU go out to the fields to work there!! They aren't taking jobs! No person would work in the fields unless they're desperate to get money or anything else to support their family!!

So yeah that was my little rant....please try not commenting stuff about politics, I really don't like going into them... But yeah, tell me what you think about it....oh yeah, and little story with me and my friends...

Okay, so me and my friend Edgar are sitting next to each other in class. Our teacher who I shall name Mrs.Lo for protection of the innocent.(brilliant but kinda crazy, Very fun in her class) was talking about illusions in the sense of what it means. She gave an example of someone who was an illusion of a nice person,but was bad.
He turns to me and tells me that I know who he met that had an illusion kinda like that. I try remembering, then just knew someone but didn't think that he was talking about her. I said"I dunno,I think I know who but.." He whispers, "It was Jane(not her real name but the same reason for Mrs.Lo) Jane was is recent Ex-girlfriend, and I thought they were kinda nice together. But then I heard of their kissing sessions and.....it kinda seemed like she was trying to break a world record. But yeah, anyways...he broke up with her and somehow the whole school knew within the next 10 minutes.

That was a nice little event.....I'm pretty sure Edgar and 'Jane' don't have an account here but....please help me if they do. I really am kinda scared if they find out.....but good thing I never told my name...

Anything else.....oh yeah, my love life is still non-existent, whoopee doo -_- . I just have to get some confidence in this subject and actually not think about the things that might happen if I try asking someone out.(Otherwise, I need to grow a pair and get a girlfriend. It's not like a girl I liked will waltz up to me and ask me out....geez, the hell is wrong with me..)

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