I'm figuring how much it's going to cost me to make a show that will be launching a Internet TV Network of my own. -Yeah I wish it was that easy-

The costs for it varies as I think that my first overall blanket funding would be $100K was a little too much, but then again... it works for some reason. I would need to eat & live somewhere. Well somewhere better than where I'm @ now. I wanted to get a warehouse to use as a Film Studio.. the costs for it well much more than it should be normally. The cheapest thing would be the cost of a laptop, Cameras, Lighting+sound equpment props etc.. well if you add-up everything else except the cost of cast, crew, food, & rent for a studio.. it's still far less then $10K The major cost would be getting a warehouse for a studio. I just might as well make it out of my new place that I'll live @.
I need to work-out what my final title will be.. it's "Cosplay" right now The Pilot is called "Blame It On The Cosplay"