Your name is ASHREN SCALOP.

You love DIGGING.

You are constantly widening and expanding your home by means of mining and digging.
You take pride in your ability to keep your home stable, though the occasional cave-in does happen.
You also have a knack for finding SHINY and RARE-LOOKING gems, but have no interest in such things.
Treasure used to excite you, but it's so common now, you had to build a separate wing just for the little annoyances.
Of course you didn't learn your abilities on your own. They were taught to you by your mole LUSUS.
Being nearly blind, he never seemed too impressed with your gems, which is probably why you aren't either.

You have other hobbies aside from digging of course. You enjoy trying to COOK!
But seeing as the ingredients around you are DIRT, ROCKS, BUGS, and DIRT, you haven't really had much luck.
You don't really mind eating the things that crawl past you in the dark, but you wish you could SPICE them up a bit.

Due to spending so much time in the dark, you have to wear TINTED GLASSES to protect your eyes from the light.
Even the light from your computer screen will give you a headache after too long.
You might be more concerned for fashion as well, if your clothes weren't just going to end up covered it crud.
You enjoy your hair back, in the same fashion as your horns, because you're convinced that you need to see where you're going.

Your strife specifibus is SPADEKIND, with which you have become as skilled at fighting as you have with digging.

Your trolltag is canyonCulinarian, and you speak in a way that you 5eem to th1nk other5 really }-D1g.