and if I said no
what would you do. would you hate me and stay or
hate me and leave or leave or leave or leave
do you mean to give me an option. no there's
no option there. you're giving me a chance to feel like
I've some power, power
which I haven't. power
would be keeping you here. I just don't want to be alone.
do you remember what I said I said
I don't want to be alone and you said
you aren't alone, _____ and I said
then where has everyone gone now and you said
and I said
i can't fall asleep and
i cried. alone because where has everyone
gone now?
she went to her boys and her boys went to their girls and
she cuts herself into ribbons and cries herself to sleep not unlike me
and she went to _______
and she went when I drove her from me, because I sucked what wasn't mine
gave the little things that are mine to give but not worth giving not worth receiving
not to him, not from me
and the shooting star shot
itself down from my sky
and you
you are as much here as ever and never here enough to keep me
the way I cry to be kept