Haiden: like ive never was one to think big and have big dreams of doing big things.
I just wanted someone to be there for me. someone i could call mine.
live comfortably.
thats it. xD
But thats what everyone wants.

Drew: Not a silly thing

Haiden: It kinda is.

Drew: nope

Haiden: love is faaaake.
Devotion and dedication are fantasies.

Drew: It's not fake, but it does fade a little from where it starts
Just a b***h to find someone that you like who likes you back
Then after that happens
it's the fear of losing them
trying to maintain things
trying to deal with the realities that sneak in and put strain upon the fibers of your bond.
Then it becomes a matter of not wanting to go back out and do it all again and sticking with what is familiar because you know each other better than anyone
And there is love still there
just not what it started out as
When I think about it like that, the whole friends with benefits thing sounds divine, but then I decide I don't want that either. lol
I'm a depressing person O.O