Well first off I wanna start by saying hi cuz this is my first journal post. Today I decided to share my relationship experience. There was this boy at my school who's name was Desmond and he had just recently broke up with my best friend now I know it sounds messed up from the start but my friend told me it was ok for me to like him,now keep in mind that even tho my friend and I tell each other nearly everything and i knew the ins nd outs of their relationship i didn't think he'd do wat he did to her to me, dumb thought that will NEVER reach my mind again. well b4 we gt together i tld him i want a man for a boyfriend "supposivly" he was just that so i decided to give him a chance and only one chance. By this point im pretty sure you know wat the result in our relationship turned out to be suddenly he figures he doesn't know who he loves more me or his ex-gf (a girl he dated b4 me nd my friend) really -_-? U call ur self a man bt yet you doubt who you love more. 1. Dont get urself in a relationship if u know ur gonna still have eyes for ur ex girl cuz ur nt only hurt in ur current gf bt ur making it difficult for urself 2. Dnt call urself a man unless u know exactly wat nd who u want.