Gaian name: firelord65
Character Name: Shayla Anderson
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Age: 20
Creature: Were-cat (Shifter)
Powers: Can change her form to be a tan-furred cat in any size. Prefers to become a lioness. Can sense the thoughts of animals and animalistic people near her.
Weapons: Uses throwing knives. Also knows how to shoot, reload, and clean any typical pistol
Crush: Any sexuality. Especially has a penchant for those who dominate over her
Enemy: Despises people who are judgmental of others based upon appearance or breed.
Dis-likes/Fears: Hates people who are self-righteous. Fears rejection. Fears fire, especially when she cannot get away from it. Will run from fights if she knows she cannot win, but she doesn't fear fighting itself.
Likes/Cherishes: Loves deciding her own actions. Appreciates beauty in dark places. Also appreciates those who stand up for their actions, no matter their morality.
Alliance: Neutral
Anything important about your character that should be known: Shayla will latch onto someone who gives her purpose, even if that purpose is to be abused or used.
Background: Worked in a family business, a pub, where she was forced by her mother to be a whore. Burned down the establishment and ran off on her own.