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Within these pages, my thoughts and Dreams are scribed. ~winks~
Who I dream of and what I dream of... ~LMSAO~
Woke up before sunrise. I went to a witches Brunch. um. yeah. Thats all I'm going to say about the event. Got to eat at 10 finally. XD.
Once I got home. My dad bid me farewell and told me my sister wanted tostay for another week. I was fine with that since she has a part time position at the Library. Told my sis that she can stay all year if she wants. Shes pretty happy about that. Sooo.. Yeah. I miss my family and having my sister by my side will take away this loneliness. My grandpa is doing pretty good now. But he still has tubes in his nose for air and food. We were picking on him about one of my friends who was babying him. He looked happy to be taken care of by a young girl. XD Hopefully he'll be out of the hospital by next week. I always stop by to see how Grandpa is doing.
About 12 I was getting my hair done. It took a lot of gel, mouse, hairpray and ish to get my hair to behave. It never holds a curl. That process alone.. WAS PAINFUL! I almost started crying.
Took forever to get ready. The hair, the corset and the petticoat.. blah. To be honest. I only wore the outfit for about 2 hours. XD I got soo tired of it. I couldnt move around. The full fluffy bottom annoyed the hell out of me. Fudge. Next year. I'm wearing a simple gown. Thats all. I thought it would be fun to dress in such attire, but when my escort for the night saw how uncomfortable I was.. He took me home and waited an hour for me to change. He was so sweet about it too. I changed into another outfit. Something a bit more relaxed and after that.. We had a wonderful night. This one didnt have a victorian corset nor did it have a full bottom. Just a long black velveteen gown. Now I've never worn a corset that was an exact relica of the ones from a hundred years ago to 500 years.. Well until Halloween. I thought it would be fun. But I've come to realize.. That you must wear these kind of items before hand in order to get use to them. I've got other corsets but they are nothing like this. XD Nothing at all. Kind of like wearing new Ice skates all day, that is a big nono. You have to take about 2 weeks of wearing them in order to break them in. Sooo I think I'm going to wear this for a while to get use to it. My body felt alien to the whole thing. I"ve never felt restricted before and omfg... WHY DID MY SISTER Tie it to where I was suffocatiing!? biggrin I have to see if the lug got any pics of me suffocating. He was sooo hellbent on me having a good night.. I'm not sure he even used his camera. I bet he did. XD I want to see me in pain! Oh well. I'll ask later at work. Hmm.. My escort or date. Would he be considered a date? hm... I think of him as a dear friend. Ooh well. Fudge it. He was a date. He cleaned up very very very very nicely.. Very nicely. After my meltdown with my gown, I walked out in a body length gown and he said I looked beautiful. Totally sweet. I know I was smiling whereas before I was a bit of a grump. XD ugh.. he called this morning. asked if we could go to dinner after work. I reminded him I work the late shift today. he goes.. We'll get some pizza and watch a movie tonight. I'm like.. "yaaay..... whyyyy?" I think I'll give this guy a chance. Hes sweet and superduper funny. He doesnt have long hair but.. I guess I'll take a chance on him. Hes like 5'9" and he does have a nice body from what I saw. biggrin A total health nut! We danced and laughed all night. I thought I was having a bad time, until the change.. then after I was like.. BOOYAH! XD Met the lords and ladies of the night. omfg. Curtsied and bowed to the hostess and her husband. Maria the hostess/ coworker too, asked what happened of the blue and black outfit she saw me in earlier. XD I told her the corset nearly killed me. She raised an eyebrow at my date then recognized him. XD He shaved and gelled his black hair back. I loved the contests they had, play swordfighting and archery. Was like a tiny Ren faire.
Before I changed. The area was sooo pretty. Candles and red, black and mahogony decor. The drinks were black, red and pure white. The food, dinner was served at 5 pm. . XD I dont like slugs so I stayed with my little fruit plate, plus the corset made me lose all feeling in my stomach. Thats when Puddin took me home.When we came back, they were doing a dance. Old fashion dancing.. XD I saw a guy and girl dressed in american wartime era. Was epic. Most had powdered wigs... but the best dressed in my opinon was the Jester. XD He was gothic looking, vampire fangs, 4 pointed hat... with bells and omg.. His fingers were soo long in the gloves.. Was soo amazing. ugh. It was a beautiful night. Went back to his house and 'talked' all night, fell asleep around 4

Was a Dreamy night.. As always with love, Star~

Over and out

ll trouble ll
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