Aoshi was n awe to say the least, as he Fenris and Magyar, where lead down the many corridors of the Vampire castle that they had arrived in. Unlike Nocantios castle, that was draped in silks of different colors, and embroided in gold. This one was completly different. Nocantio had always liked those finer things, all of the silks made there in the very castle by only a select fue servants among those servants was the Hybrid of that time.
Who ever the king of this castle was, kept the walls looking like the stereotype humans have in their mind when the word vampires comes up.
The walls where dark, a very dark grey, closer to black actually, the floor was plain concrete with ornate rugs spaced far in between. Candlelabras lined the wall, but liek the rugs they where spaced far in between, castign many shadows along the corridors making it seem dark and eery, once again, completly different form King nocantio, who liked to have his catsle britght and well iluminated for a vampire.
These corridors would be completly dark if it werent for the rainabow of colors coming in through the many windows that lined one side of the corridor. Though it was cloudy and one could berely see outside, there was no dennying how bright the sun shone as the stainglassed windows poured bright beautiful colors in. Where Nocantio would keep large clear glassed windows that had heavy thick, ornate drapes hanging infront of it, these windows had no drapes what so ever. Each window portrayed beautiful scenes. Whether it be a pack of wolves playing with each other. A dragon and her hatchling, even a group of unicorn at a waterfall. All of these beautiful masterpieces, all of which gave the feling of calm and peace. The colors pouring in felt warmt o the touch with every window they passed. Aoshi couldnt help but examine every one that they passed.
"Beautiful arent they?" Fenris said from infront of him, the wolf god also examining them as he walked.
"Yes, they are very different from my K-.....From Lord Nocantio's choise of, life style." Aoshi replied as they neared a pair of giant double doors. The doors, just like the windows portrayed a beautiful scenery. The doors where created of thick heavy dark cherry wood, the scenes where carved into them and smooth to the touch.
"This way please" the female vampire who was leading them pushed open the doors. Which surprised Aoshi, during their walk here he didnt notice any servants at all, and in such a big castle, one often kept more servants than they could keep count of. The doors werent even fully open when sound and warmth began waftign out to meet them. Music, chatter and laughter was heard, the room was huge, bigger than any ballrooms at Nocantios castle. And therre was so many people present, that Aoshi assumed this to be almost if not all of the inhabitnast and workers of the castle. Being motioned in by the she vamp, Aoshi noticed the dancers in the middle of the ballroom, the musicians lining up one wall, and all of the faces of the spectators. All of them where so much more different than that of Nocatios, all of them happy all of them smiling, not a single stuck-up, arogant face.
"FENRIS! MAGYAR!! ITS BEEN FAR TO LONG MY OLD FRIENDS!!" a booming happy sounding voice greeted from the other side of the ballroom, not the music and not the dancers wavered, though they looked up at them in curiosity they where still smilling.

Nocantio had ordered the two guards that had been sent to retrieve Eden, to take her to the Hybrids cell. and let Aoi do what she wanted with he. At this rate Eden would perish, even after drinking the kings blood. The wound Nocantio had inflicted on her was to big and to deep, there was very low possibility of her surviving, and Nocatio wasnt about to help her now.