Ah, dude, sorry. I haven't written for two days.



Anyways, not much happened, I guess. I feel like I can't keep up with my own goqla when I miss a day for my journal. I want to be committed to this. twisted

Um, anyways.. I'm going to ChinaTown tomorrow, hopefully, to buy contacts for Halloween. I'm a bit excited, and scared.

I'm excited because it'll be my first time going to ChinaTown without my siblings, and my first time buying and wearing contacts. Woo! Oh, and I mean, like, none-prescription contacts. You know, the ones that provide no benefit other than making you look kind of different? Yeah.

Though, I'm so going to get lost. I don't frequent ChinaTown and I'm not familiar navigating throughout it. Chances are, yeah, I'm going to get lost. Being lost in ChinaTown? Ehh. Not as bad as getting lost in downtown. I got lost in downtown once, walked around for hours until I found my sister's school. Scariest day ever.

Uwah!! whee I suddenly really want contacts. I want yellow ones, because yellow is my favourite colour, and because yellow is awesome. I mean, yellow is just so vibrant and happy. It gives me what I lack. Such a beautiful colour. It brings my to tears. cry Well, tears of joy, that is.

But I've also considered the possibility of there being no yellow contacts in stock. THAT would be pretty depressing on my part. gonk But I figured any other bright colour will do in that case. I hope I can find yellow though.

I'm going with a friend. I like going with friends so that if I get lost, I'm not alone.

And Aurora, if you're reading this, I'M SORRY IF I GET US LOST! ><

Yeeap. Anyhow, I actually have some homework to do. French homework.

See, French was an option. I would have picked Band and Drama, but I chose Band and French. Why? Because I've never tried drama, and I think it'd be fun, but French would help me in my school career.

Education comes first!

But I slightly regret it. Because French was offered, lots of people in my class chose it, and drama was destroyed. Yeah, it doesn't even exist anymore.

And my French teacher? She learned french. But like, she isn't fluent, it seems. She's teaching us what she learned, even less maybe?

We have to use the internet to translate a lot of things. I'm not learning much, and thus I regret not picking drama. I'm a sad .. er.. person? I was going to say, "I'm a sad jelly bean," but I realized that didn't make sense.

Ah, honestly. I would have picked drama! I picked it for grade eight, but I chickened out last minute. First day of school last year, I went to the administrators, and requested I switch options. For both grade seven and eight, I participated in Band and Art, exceeding in both, thank you very much.

I do regret not going through with drama in grade eight. I mean, I totally missed out. But oh well. I got the Art Award at least. Woo, I guess. 4laugh

I'm going to do my French now. I have to sleep earlier today. I have wrestling practice tomorrow morning. Wrestling practices hurt a lot, but it's a nice hurt. And that sounded emo. emo Not like I have anything against emo people. I think their problems are their problems. Everyone is fighting their own battles, you know? It isn't our position to judge.

Well anyways, maybe I should talk about humanism in another entry? Hahaha, no.


Okeedokes. Bye byes!

Goodnights if it's night where you are!

And thank you for reading. I know I'm not all the interesting, but I can't keep it all bottled up inside, you know? Yeah? Yeah. 'Kay, bye byes! wink