Stone heart

over the wknd i was looking on gaia to see if anyone posted in the art guild. i saw i got a journal notice and ull never guess who it was....(sarcasm) of course jackass drew.. he told me he really was worried which sadly ik he was lying...again! he didnt even ask my mother while i was in the hospitle if i was ok! that shows he didnt give a f*ck! Drew if ur readin this why? why continue to hurt me? im completely unstable because of you! i have no control of my emotions anymore because they are so untable!

Any way.. what bugged me the most about drew is he was always a hipocrate. i cud never compare him or tell him how scared i was of him becomin like other exs but yet he wud do that wit me... he always talked bout that stupid stephany! at times i wanred to scream "Go after her already! it obvious you still love her!"
sometimes it seemed we never truely agreed. i swud agree so we wudnt argue tho i hated some of his view points... my point is my heart hurts so much its like stone.... i probly wont have another relationship for a loooooooooonnnggg time.. i even tried flirtin wit other guys to make me feel better but all that did is make me feel pathetic and desperate.. my time is now.. i need to grow stronger and get my life back but truth idk where to start...