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Please keep in mind that this is an old character sheet and he HAS DEVELOPED since.


Name (& pronunciation): Alexander Ryush-ka. [al-x-an-der. rie-u-sh-kah)

Nicknames (Aliases): Lex, Plage, Alex

Date of Birth (& age): 18 y.o.
Birthday: Unknown.

Gender: Male.

Species/Racial Origin: A neko.

Social Class/Community Status: Lower class, has lived on the street all his life.

Physical Description

Height: 5'11
Weight: 140lbs (Tall and very slim from lack of eating)
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Rarely is Lex seen without a fairly loose plain black sweatshirt on, the hood up except for the few occasions hes around people he feels he can trust. Underneath that sweatshirt he wears a skin tight; turtle necked; long sleeved; spandex-like shirt. Several bright yellow stripes (-haven't decided what they're made of yet-) embellish the suit. Around his wrist with a couple on the sides of his arms, around his waist, and over his shoulders.He wears tight plain black leather pants with several buckles and sheaths strapped to his thighs where he would usually place whatever weapon(s) he had on him at that moment. His boots are also black and made of leather, ending just before his knees with straps going around the front.
Weapons: [Picture at bottom, he carries two]


Personality/Attitude: Alex tends to appear as a fairly submissive and kind male, with a conscious clear of sexual or carcinogenic thoughts. Stuttering occasionally and often surprised when others show him kindness, he's easily pestered. Despite this innocent facade he puts on Lex can be found to have a very masochistic and rageful persona behind the scenes of what others see, even taking it far enough to be called mentally unstable and insane.His mind refuses to accept the fact that his sister might be dead and hes had an unwavering faith in searching for her ever since she was taken; fourteen years ago.
He enjoys Snow and clean water but HIGHLY dislikes Cats and humans. Lex can't stand either one for the mental and physical torture and abuse he had been put through over the years because of either. Cats because of his ears and tails, humans because of what they did SINCE he had the ears and tail. He lives solely to find his sister.

Attitude Toward Death: He goes into complete denial and his body tends to shut down if anyone he knows or has become attached to is pronounced dead. Not once has he ever accepted anyones death.

Skills & Talents

Skills/Talents: Stealth is a main point for my neko, as I've said before he had to survive one way or another on the streets and thievery was often the answer. He's an /expert/ at pickpocketing and trailing.

Strengths: Not easily deterred and is loyal to the few that are thus so to him.

Weaknesses: He can easily be put down with what he doesn't know, feeling inferior and stupid compared to others for the fact that he never had a family life or schooling and any sort of education. Besides his split personalities, if annoyed or upset to a certain extent and Plage doesnt "make a show" He often forgets about the whole situation and has severe memory loss for the duration of it.

Additional Notes (Sum of Lex's bio)

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: Knowing that his little sister, the only one he had ever really had, the one he was always suppose to protect and be with, was taken for his being helpless to save her. [the knowledge of her being raped and more then like murdered goes with this even though he denies to accept it.)

Sexual Preference: Pansexual. You could probably even go as far to say he would be incest. (-raises an eyebrow- ...)

Biography: When lex was roughly six years old, with his younger sister Alexandra; (They were both orphans) she was abducted by a group of strangers. The city they had been wondering in was a mainstay for major underground slavery (sex slaves) communities which was well known.Since that day he searches each and every town the underground slave trade connected too; looking for any clue or any hint as to where his sister might be; even though his body and mind denies the fact that she might be dead because they promised as little kids they would always be together, the fact that she was taken and is gone and what shes probably gone through, along with the fact that shes more then likely is dead has slowly begun to eat away at Lex's mind. Causing the instability he now possesses.No one knows about his full or real name. They just know "lex."