Champion of zovan region:

Name: Thein Brustan
Gender: male
personality: stubborn, active, selfish, loving, and athletic plus he is a psycho sometimes.
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PKMN type: electric types
PKMN Team: joltlen(male jolteon), Sparkten(female), Elezarten(male), Klaptin(mare), Hartensa, and a Luxery(female Luxray)

Leaders of Reshkrom group:

Name: Resh
gender: male
age: 19
personality: sly, stealthy, flirty, and really strict when it comes to battles
First PKMN: Snow the Reshiram
History: He was always a stealthy and strict kid, when he loses he throws a huge fit so he always had anger problems when he was young. When Resh became an adult He is really responsible of his actions no matter what. he doesn't play well with Krom, but they put their differences aside when they have double battles against their foes.
PKMN team: Snow the Reshiram, Shiny Draginire, Rarzon, Grazen, and Urnighty.
Trainer or group member: group member
position: leader
crush: none yet
other: Resh always tries to avoid any kind of group meeting with any of the the grunts mainly with Krom since they always have different opinions about things and they always create huge arguments in their meeting hall.
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Name: Krom
gender: male
age: 20
personality: secretive, mysterious, strong, and nice
First PKMN: Shadow the Zekrom
History: he and shadow met when he was quite young his father caught Shadow and gave shadow as a present before Krom's father deceased and his mother kept getting older and continued to complain about giving all the PKMN their freedom. Krom's mother was a member of neo Galactic in her young days and she left team neo Galactic and married into a very rich man's family and had Krom as their only son.
PKMN team: Shadow, shiny salmence, Drozon, Dranjan, Dragonite, Salmenan.
Trainer or group member: group member
position surprised ne of the leaders
crush: none yet
other: He and Resh always team up if there is a double battle match, even though they end up auguring with each other if either of them do anything wrong.
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my trainer:

Name: Kulan Valentino
gender: Male
age: 17
personality: outgoing, strong willed, desperate, and Atheletic
First PKMN: (will be a) Fangstei
History: Kulan never got along with his mother since his mother was always strict on him saying he wasn't allowed to go on a PKMN journey since she knew that a new danger is lurking around the Zovan region nowadays. Kulan didn't listen to his mother so he is starting up on his new journey.
Trainer or group member: Trainer
crush: (optional) open but none yet.
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other: N/A