Derp, this guy is a massive WIP, doesn't even have a name. This is just so I don't lose any of it.

Crippled left wing, was broken in a storm by crashing into a tree/quite a few trees (Forest in other words or some big wooded area, I don't even know). Because of the break, it's bent outwards and thus just sorta sticks there, might move involuntarily from time to time.

Um, personality: Not a whole lot is known as nameless pony for now 'cept ever since that crash he's a bit a little ******** up in the head. (Ex: He has poor memory, laughs at random things/occasionally stutters or pauses mid sentences but it's not enough to deter him from holding his own in a conversation) He's pretty bubbly though and obviously clumsy. He has since been removed from the weather team seeing as his one good wing can't hold his weight and if he ever has to fly he can barely hover off the ground and even then he's lopsided.

Cutiemark/Special talent: He doesn't have one yet.

Occupation: To be decided.