"Born in 1828, two years after the influence of the Industrial Revolution began to be felt in countries such as England and the United states among others, Zinfandel was birthed to Lotta and Gunnar Alsvik.
As the economy undeniably grew throughout the industrialized British provinces, it only made sense to his parents where their future laid and at the young age of 15 for Zin, they finally made the move to England."
Zinfandel is copyright to me.

Commission references:

Currently I only have my own, sketched reference. I'm not an artist but it will have to suffice until I get some artwork done for him.

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Name: Zinfandel Alsvick
Race: Semi-Traditional Vampire.

Physical Traits

Skin: Pale.
Complexion: Smooth, clear.
Age appearance: Looks to be from his mid to late twenties.

Body build: Slender, very straight with little curves.
Posture: Slouched back, as if leaning back slightly. Very lax.

Hair color: Light brown, almost a dirty blonde.
Length: Just past his shoulders, between his shoulder blades.
Style: Kept pulled back into a loose ponytail.

Eye Color: Dark, muddy red. Commonly mistaken for a brown.
Eyelashes?: Full, almost feminine eyelashes.
Eyebrows?: slender, curved eyebrows. Not bushy or thick like some mens.
Smile and teeth: A full, clean smile. His front, four canines are larger and taller than the surrounding teeth.

Clothing preference: Zin is very classy and feels most comfortable in formal attire, consisting normally of a long sleeved, white button up with a vest over it. Slacks and either boots or dress shoes.
His "Casual" is our Semi-Formal.