Height: 5' 6''
Age: Looks almost 22 years
Race: Avian Human Hybrid
Sex: Female

Aime is a traveler. She was a gypsy before the transformation. She has caramel-toned skin, dark brown hair that is wavy and goes just below her breasts. She has a slight Indian accent, but is fluent with English. Her eyes are a dark golden color. Her shoulders are very broad, and she only weighs 138 pounds. She normally wears loose clothing, or anything she can find. Her shirt was torn in the transformation process. She usually wears jeans and tank tops. She prefers over-sized shoes with Velcro straps. She obviously has wings.

She knows when to be quiet in a bad situation. She will speak her mind when the time is right. When something/one pisses her off, she will let them know. She is used to taking constructive criticism and will take advantage of it. She is very sarcastic when it comes to meeting new people, or stereotypes. She normally has a content or regretful expression on her face. She tries not to stay in one place for very long.

She listens to music as she flies. Puppies and kittens are her weakness, but she wont admit that she has one. She likes bad boys that enjoy living the life and not staying at home to waste time. She is a total tomboy. She loves any neon colors, besides pink and yellow. She enjoys a motorcycle ride on the highway. Tattoos are very interesting to her, considering the fact that each one tells a story. She loves to travel.

She dislikes the word, "haters". She dislikes stereotypes to the Nth degree. She doesn't like anything too girly. She dislikes the color pink. She dislikes lazy people who wont get things done as efficiently as possible.

Scenario #1_Creation:
Aime was experimented on by Adolf Hitler. Hitler wanted to create new ways to torture the human body and mind. He twisted Aime's DNA and mixed it with an avian hybrid's gene.

Scenario #2_Creation:
She was born into a human hybrid community which is where almost every human being's DNA is combined with another animal.

Theme Songs:
Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace
The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
Roger Rabbit - Sleeping With Sirens

Most-Likely Settings/Eras:
Victorian / Britain
Modern / America