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Zday 2
That day after I started to run. I saw the city burning.... I went home and locked my doors and borded my windows shut... It wasn't going to last long though, My food wa low, my mom and dad hadn't called... Phone was down, now internet. Just one Tv station... Telling to evacuate or Stay inside and help will soon come... It wouldn't....


"I'm going mad! I don't have anyone to talk to, the moans and grouns outside of those... Things! I can't take much more of this..." I sighed sitting down on my bed. I had packed a hicking bag up with Food, water, cloths, and a few extras. I had grabed my dads pistol from his room under his bed. I had gotten call and a voicemail while I was asleep. When I heard it it was my father telling me that they were held up at the air port and were locked in and loads of whatever those things are were blocking them in. He told me to LEave and get as far as possible. He said some kind of virues had gotten out. And that it was tranfured through bit. The military had no comment to what it was. I grabed a few extra bullets and waited for a clearing of those things and snuck out at around 2pm. I walked down the street. It was quite. Nothing moved. It seemed those things only react to sound. So as long as I kept quite I could get around them. There wasn't any on the street though. I ran over to my friends house. Jack. The crazyest guy I have ever knowen. he had big guns, and stroage. I walked to see his house door was open. Blood all over the place.... I walked in hearing something moving around in the basement... And thats were I needed to go... I steped down the stairs quitly and saw that one of those things were on the floor trying to get up... It was... Jack... His legs were mangled and looked like he broke them. I could see that he had fallen down the stairs. Which made it easyer for me to get pasted him I opened his door into a huge room full of guns swords and the like. I wanted alot of it but knw I had to travel light. But I need something good..... I grabed a PSG1 that had a good supresser on it. A grabed one of his katanas for close range fighting. And last but not lest, His grenede. This would be perfect for crowd control.... Maybe I could save my family this way... I steped back out and lifted the sniper up and pointed it at Jack. "I'm sorry..." Was all I could say as his last moan drifted off into my head after pulling the triger.... I walked out, tears rolling down my cheeks. Jack was a close friend, and I sure as hell wasn't going to leave him like that. I walked down the street to hear screams comeing down the street. It was Stephonie. My long time crush and love of my life (Never had the nerve to ask her out though...) Running from a really fast one. I lifted the sniper up and took in a breath pulling the trigger for the second time in less thing 30 seconds. The thing droped like a barrel. Stephonie came running into my arms nearlly knocking me over. He was 5 '6, blonde, blue eyes, a shy girl and was super cute. She was crying into my chest. "They... they took my dad... And ate mom.... Right infrount of me... They ripped my brothers throat off... And I was next.... But you saved me... Thank you so much...." She sobbed and I tried to quite her down. "Shhhh.... Its ok.. But I'm going to need you to be a little quiter... These things react to sound, if they hear you, they come after us..." She slowly calmed down. "So... Where are you going?" "I don't know yet... Plaining on going to ge tmy parents.. but its getting dark right now. We need to find a place to stay for the night." "Sounds good to me..." I picked her up and we walked to a house that was unlocked. It was safe. Nothing in it. I closed the door. We were so tired that we didn't care that it was only about 4pm, we locked up and she went and slept on the bed. I slept on the couch. Some time during the night she had come out and layed dowen on me burring her face into my chest. This made me nearly cry of happyness and sadness at the same time.... It was going to be rough on us... We had no idea what was instore for us down the road... But I made a vow right there.. I wasn't going to let anything happen to her...

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