All kinds of web hosting servers use the Microsoft Windows operating software or the Linux operating software as the base to run the hosting related applications and software. Without it, nothing would function at all. These two always come up as the much favored operating systems. Today, almost all the regular user of computer and internet knows about the Windows and Linux in details. Undoubtedly, the Windows OS has become the first choice for personal computers, while the Linux OS has taken over the appreciation and demand by the professional webmasters.

It is to be made clear that unlike the Microsoft’s Windows OS, Linux is open source software. This means, Linux can be developed and distributed without any legal formalities. Linux web hosting is very flexible in its working. It is being used widely by smaller companies as well as the big corporate houses to run their websites over the net. There are many various reasons that compel a professional site operator to take Linux, over other operating systems.

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When someone says that Linux is flexible, they mean it. Whatever may be the issue, from compatibility to affordability, to maintenance, the Linux solutions have more credits to its account than the windows hosting solutions. It is also considered as cheap Linux web hosting by most of the people who know even a bit about it. The matter of the fact is; it can work effortlessly with programming languages, such as MySQL, Perl, PHP etc. that run on the majority of the web applications used by various enterprises.
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On the other hand you get limited compatibility and options when you are using windows OS, since it only accepts the Microsoft based programming languages. Thus giving windows based hosting servers a limited reach when compared to Linux web hosting servers. Although Linux web hosting plans tends to be more economical because of the free software, it is still more reliable in comparison to the windows web hosting services. It is so because of the endless possibilities of software modifications that comes along with Linux. Hence, the Linux OS based web hosting delivers a top level of server up-time guarantee.

As Linux is a completely open source software, all the modifications and distributions of it, is done at an absolutely no cost. This keeps you from paying any kind of license fee, which is mandatory when you use the Windows OS. The Linux cloud hosting is considered to be the most preferred and cheap Linux hosting in India. First the license fee is ‘zero’ and second, the uptime is 99.99% ensured with a complete backup of your data on multiple servers. If you can get an SEO hosting service combined with the Linux web hosting service at a good rate, then you can be rest assured that your site will always be on the top of the first page of SERPs.