first, this obsession isn't going away. at all.

second, test today. homework due in two hours that I haven't started yet, and a city council story BS'd by midnight tonight. Thursday should be smooth sailing, and Friday wraps up the week with more chaos as Parents Weekend hits campus, and everything that entails. Saturday wedding in the Badlands, Sunday head back. And then start it all over again on Monday.

Concert Friday night. nervous for a lot of stuff besides just playing haha.

been a Moulin Rouge soundtrack kind of week.

hesitating like crazy since I biffed up so bad at work Monday. a $235 mistake... a simple act of not checking a webpage, that was up TWO WEEKS before I ordered. Yeah. feel like sh*t about it.

also, I'm actually not the biggest fan of my profile picture on fb. it has more than a dozen likes, but I don't feel pretty when I look at it.....

but I do love that my eyebrows look red. xD

thinking I may go back on my vow to never take a math class again after high school to take a personal finance class before I graduate. Sure know I didn't get that kind of education at home...

strength is needed right now. For I have none.