Don't ever let your kids push you around. Believe you me, If I was the parent of some of the kids I've seen I'd knock the fire right out of em. Nothing abusive or anything. I'll just whip their a** until they cry and don't do it again. Some of these kids, I've seen what they've done to their guardians and parents. Truthfully it's pathetic. Discipline isn't just talking to them. Talking shows them you won't hit them so they can do whatever. Sure, you may disagree but what's better? Having a good kid or having one that bad mouths you all the damn time. I've basically raised kids. They are demon children. But as soon as I come near they shape the hell back up and say yes ma'am no ma'am yes sir and no sir. They are dead silent. Thanks to whipping the ******** out of them when they get the message. There's my lesson. Don't have demon children. Beat them when they bad mouth you.