Immortal: Survive the final trial; Death
Perfect Game: Achieve any of the perfect markers in a favorite game
Stand Alone Complex: Avoid being absorbed by a hyped subject or group for a year.
Assassin By Blood: Explore your genetics.
Triumverate: Keep only three personalities.
Glitch in the Matrix: Get lucky and have an item discounted at the shop unintentionally
Collector: amass a collection worth over $1,200
For Hearts Long Lost...: Have your heart broken but still love.
Saikyo Arts: Achieve a victory against a strong opponent using only a joke character.
Heartbreaker: Go through seven relationships, each one ending poorly
Placebo: Find the cure for the world's ills.. still doesn't mean it's achievable
Future Foe Scenarios: Make enemies of friends and make friends of enemies.
Sanity For Sale: Escape the insane one.
That's Not How You Play: Play a game of inverted magic.
Burny Burny Cut Cut: Choose the dark path of self mutilation
Roller Disco: Buy out one band's albums
Missing Half: Find the 'one'
Setting the Standard: Impress teammates with your skill.