Hello, Lady Keyrose here, just checking in as usual. Man, I have not touched this in a while... I should be as active here as I am on DeviantART, but... sweatdrop Not so much.

Life's been.... Well, let's just say I'm glad to be moving on to bigger and better things in the next week or so... *smiles softly*

Roleplay's been a big stress-reliever for a long while now, but I've decided to branch out and bring some of it to Gaia. I have a knack for playing Tifa and Namine, but I don't have the outfit for Tifa, so you'll just see me as Namine, most likely. So if anyone wants to roleplay with me, please, I don't mind.

Just know that this Namine does have a Roxas. heart

I think that's all for now.... Lots of love, Gaia. Later!