step inside, remove your coat.
follow me to the dance floor,
the lights are flashing and the music is playing.
this is the night of a demon's passion.

let yourself twirl to the sound of the guitar's scream
allow a smile to grace your face.
raise your arms as the music quickens,
pick up your pace and hide your fears,
mask yourself as the demons come out to play.

stripping you of your soul, they sing
"cut them down and let yourself fade,"
give into the rhythm, don't panic now.

allow your facade to drop tonight,
murder your doubts as the pace picks up,
lift your feet and stomp and run.
the demons are here and they want some fun.

move in rhythm, don't let yourself falter.
your smile seems strained, false and weary
come now! don't let yourself fall further.
a wicked gleam is all I see in place of your soul anymore.

scream and cry, your heart is racing,
your mind is twisted, wicked and cruel.
sadistic laughs echo out, tributes of the damned,
trapped forever in this ballroom of demons,
shadows are triumphant tonight.