Pro: episode 6

(The student council room is quiet)

(Sirus turns his head and looks over at akumu who looks over at Levi who looks across the room at Alice who turns and looks at boink who shakes his head as he glares back at Sirus and akumu)

Boink: (arms crossed) so are you trying to tell me Sirus and akumu that you both had better things to do than being at the student council meeting last Friday?

(Sirus looks at akumu then back towards boink)

Sirus: (eyes widen) there was a meeting last Friday? (Sirus slaps the side of his head) I completely forgot boink. I'm sorry

Boink: (shakes his head) yes, I'm sure you are Sirus (boink shifts his gaze at akumu) and what about you?

Akumu: (looks at Sirus then back towards boink) well, I was-was sick! Yes, I was feeling really under the weather

Boink: (switches his expression to a frown) oh is that so?

Akumu: (nods) yes, but I'm feeling much better now (smiles)

Boink: (crosses his arms again) come on akumu, do you honestly expect me to believe that?

Levi: (quickly stands to her feet) does it really matter where they were? The point is, there here now. (Glares at boink) so let's move on)

Boink: (slumps back into his seat) fine then, I'll let it slide this time

(The school bell rings)

(Sirus is making his way down the hall when akumu runs up and taps his shoulder from behind)

Sirus: (quickly turns around) huh?

Akumu: (grins, then breaths a deep sigh of relief) that was really close back there

Sirus: (nods) yea, Levi saved our backs

( sirus oneal!?)

Sirus: (looks up) oh, hey Susan

Susan: (places hands on her hips) you've got some explaining to do Sirus

Sirus: (gives a surprised look) wha-what do you mean?

Susan: (gives a serious stare) I texted you last week and you didn't reply

Sirus: (throws his head back) oh, Susan I'm sorry. I was--

Susan: (eyes widen) was-was?

Akumu: (steps infront of Sirus) he was with me

Susan: (wears a shocked expression) umm, (shakes her head) and who the heck are you?

Akumu: (smiles) I'm akumu white, and me and Sirus are student council friends

Susan: (glares at Sirus) oh really?

Sirus: (looks up ahead) well I'd better get going now. Bye Susan

Susan: (throws her hands up as sirus walks by) but Sirus?

Akumu: (snaps her finger) well I got to get going to

(Akumu follows behind Sirus as Susan watches them with a puzzled look)

(Hey Susan)

Susan: (quickly turns around) oh hey max what's up

Max: (shrugs his shoulders) nothing much, just having a bad day

Susan: (bites her lip) ouch, one of those days huh?

Max: (nods) yeah

(Just then, Max looks up and sees zack talking and laughing with his crew as they make there way out towards the football field)

Max: (looks away) hey Susan I gotta go

Susan: (gives a serious look) are you ok?

Max: (forces a smile) yea, I'm fine really

(Max walks off after zack)


Oliver: come in

Emma: (enters the room holding a glass pitcher filled with ice tea then pauses) wow little brother, your sure decorated this whole room within 2 weeks

Oliver: (laughs) what do you mean?

Emma: (looks around) all of these papers you have up with these math problems (looks a Oliver) what do they mean?

Oliver: (shakes his head) I don't know yet (Oliver sighs then picks up the book of numbers) but, I do know that this book is hiding somthing (smiles) and I'm going to find it

Emma: (grins then walks over and rubs Oliver's forehead) little brother, you haven't changed one bit. Your still the young and exciting favorite sibling of mine

Oliver: (turns around with his hands on his hips and looks up) I cannot thank you enough sister for letting me stay here. (Looks back at her) father defiantly would disapprove

Emma: (shakes her head) I don't care what that evil man thinks anymore little brother

Oliver: (eyes widen) but what about father?

Emma: (looks down) I still love father (looks back up at Oliver) but what he said to you was wicked and unforgivable

Oliver: (places a his hand on his sisters shoulder) thank you for caring

Emma: (smiles as she walks over to the table) would you like some tea? (Picks up a glass and begins to pour)

Oliver: (smiles) sure, I'd love some

(Emma smiles as Oliver takes a sip then returns back to his research)

(Dan Marino goes back, he's looking for a open wide receiver, he sees one, fires the ball, and scores! Whoooo and the crowd goes wild)

(Zack pretends to do a funny dance in the end zone while his crew laugh)

Crew member #2: man, with the quarterback season you had last year zack, your destine to join a top 5 college football team

Zack: (laughs) dude, screw college. (Zack poses with the ball) I'm going straight to the freakin NFL)

(Everyone chuckles)

Crew member#1: hey, whose that over there

(All eyes look up the football field bleachers towards a person sitting)

Crew member# 3: (sqints his eyes) hey isn't it that kid from the lockers that we passed by earlier?

Zack: (grins) how about we go find out

(Zack and his crew make there way up the bleachers and surround the person)

Crew member#2: hey punk? Is somthing wrong with your eyes? Who do you think your staring at?

Zack: (eyes widen) hey wait a minute, I know you. Your maxwell Jenkins

Max: (adjust his glasses) actually it's just max

Zack: (grabs max by the shirt collar) I don't care what your name is. Cause your a dead man

Crew member # 1: hey zack, you know this loser?

Zack: (grits his teeth as he raises his fist) how could I forget. He's the wide receiver who cause our team the playoffs

(All crew members begin to pound there fist)

Crew member # 3: you must have some kind of death warrant to be following us

Max: (looks down) ok-ok so I have been following you guys (looks up at zack.) I just (sigh) i just wanted to make up for what I did

Zack: (drops max then crosses his arms) what do you mean by that

Max: (gives zack a serious stare) ill do whatever you ask

Crew member # 1: good boy, now stay still while we beat the stuffing outta ya

Zack: (motions his hand) wait!

Crew member # 3: your not gonna actually accept this zack are ya

Zack: (turns to his crew) I said, wait. This dude is freakin brave to even be standing here. (A evil smirk crosses his face) tell you what, do you remember our rival school

Max: (eyes widen) you mean hickory?

Zack: (smiles) that's right. Now here's what your gonna do (zack hops on the same bleacher step as max and crouches next to him)
I want you to steal the hickory football team divisional trophy

Max: (eyes widen) are you kidding me?

Zack: (points to his face) read my expression. Does it look like I'm joking

Max: (hangs his head and shakes it) no it dosnt

Zack: (raises to his feet) that's what I thought

(All crew members chuckle at this)

Zack: (pats max on the back then leans near his ear) oh, and make sure you don't get caught ok

(All the crew members laugh)

Max: (gives a stern look) don't worry, I won't get caught

(8:00 pm)

(The Jenkins family sits down to a lovely dinner)

Mr. Jenkins: (clears his throat) my-my I havnt tasted such delicious food like this in ages. (Looks at his wife) honey, your amazing

Mrs. Jenkins: (motions her hand for her husband to stop) darling, you say that every meal time (giggles) it makes me blush every time

Mr. Jenkins: (eyes widen) but babe it's true (looks over at his daughter) Katie tell mommy what you think of her cooking

Katie: (frowns as she looks down at her plate) yuck! I hate spinach

Mrs. Jenkins: (smiles) see, I told you my cooking wasn't all that good

Mr. Jenkins: (waves both his hands fiercely) no-no babe you got it all wrong. What our little pumpkin was really trying to say Is that she will eat every bite of that spinach (turns to his daughter) isn't that right sweetums? (Winks)

Katie: (forces a fake smile) yes daddy I will

Mr. Jenkins: (grins) that's my little angel (mr. Jenkins proceeds to laugh but pauses as he looks up ahead) son?

(Max looks down at his plate but remains silent)

Mr. Jenkins: (adjust in his chair) son?

(Max continues to remain silent)

Mr. Jenkins: (gives a puzzled look) max? Are you ok?

Max: (quickly looks up) huh?

Mr. Jenkins: (chuckles) well, welcome back to earth

Max: (shakes his head) I'm sorry dad

Mr. Jenkins: it's ok. (Pauses) so do you want to talk about it?

Max: (rises to his feet) oh, there's nothing to talk about (laughs) I just had a long day, that's all

Mr. Jenkins: (nods his head) oh, I see

Max: (enters the kitchen and places his dishes in the sink then re-enters the dinning room) umm may I be excused?

Mrs. Jenkins: (nods) sure honey

(Max heads upstairs)

Mrs. Jenkins: (reaches over the table and takes her husbands hand) I'm really worried about max. He's been acting this way ever since he came home today

Mr. Jenkins: (whipes his mouth with a napkin) don't worry babe. (Stands up) ill go talk to him

(Max is lying on his bed looking up at the ceiling when there's a knock)

(Son may I come in?)

Max: (nods) the doors open

(Mr. Jenkins enters the room)

Mr.jenkins: (smiles) wow, you really did quite a number to this room

Max: (sits up in bed) thanks

Mr. Jenkins: (walks over to maxes baseball little league photos on the wall) my-my you were a dangerous home run hitter during the pitcher machine days

Max: (chuckles) well, I had a good coach

Mr. Jenkins: (turns around and sits next to his son) so tell me, (pats maxes knee) what's bothering you bud?

Max: (shakes his head then stares up at his dad) it's nothing

Mr. Jenkins: (rubs both his hands together) well son, your mom don't think so. She says you've been acting strange all day today

Max: (laughs) come on dad, you know mom can be a bit exaggerative

Mr. Jenkins: (nods) yeah, your probably right

Mr.jenkins: (stands and walks over to the door then pauses) I don't know what's really bothering you son. (Turns back to face Max) but just remember this, whatever answer in life your trying to find, only by believing can you achieve it (mr. Jenkins exits the room then re-enters)

Mr. Jenkins: (raises one finger) oh, and another thing son? (Gives max a serious stare) loosen up around your mom ok? The last thing I need is for her to be reacting to every little thing

Max: (nods) I understand dad

(Mr.Jenkins nods then re-exits the door)

(Hickory high school 1:30 am)

(Max makes his way into the empty school building through an open bathroom window)

(As he enters the hallway, max turns on his flash light and begins searching everywhere for the trophy case)

(Just then, as max makes his way up stairs. He catches glimpse of a large glass case near the end of the hall.)

(Max rushes over to it and sees the divisional trophy)

Max sad pounds his fist in his hands) yes! There you are (grins)

(Max looks down at the satch around his waist then quickly opens it, takes out a screw and a small hammer, and is about to break the glass. When suddently max hesitates

Max: (shaking his head) I can't do this

(Max places the tools back in the sachet slowly turns around, and heads back to the exit)

(I knew I'd fine you here max)

(Max quickly closes the window to the high school bathroom and turns around)

Max: (puts both hands up) believe me, this is not what it se-- (eyes widen) Sirus is that you

Sirus: (grins) you sure are pretty jumpy max

Max: (looks at the person next to Sirus) and you, you're akumu

Akumu: (laughs) wow Sirus, it looks like we're pretty famous in the student council

Sirus: (crosses his arms) tell me something max, why didn't you steal it?

Max: (eyes widen) st-steal what?

Sirus: (chuckles) oh, come now max. We both over heard one of zach's crew talking about the stealing of the trophy

Max: (looks away) I-I couldn't do it

Akumu: how come?

Max: (shrugs) I don't know really. (Looks back at Sirus and akumu) but I do know that I would have felt guilty if I would have gone through with it

Akumu: (smiles) good answer

Max: (gives a surprised stare) huh?

Sirus: (nods his head) I know what your looking for?

Max: what do you mean?

Sirus. You want acceptance, so you feel that if you steal for zack then he would forget about your dropped pass and let you join his crew

Max: (gives a serious stare) how-how did you know?

Sirus: (chuckles) I know because its written all across your face

Max: (hangs his head) all I wanted (raise his head) all I ever wanted was to be on the popular side ya know? (Brushes the side of his face with his hoody sleeve) now look at me? I'm dressed in all black. Wearing black paint, trying to rob a school so that I can be accepted? (Tears begin to flow)

Sirus: (gives a serous look) you know, you don't have to be this way

Max: (looks away) well, what else can I be? I have no friends, no life, (kicks the ground) I'm just a nobody

Akumu: I was like that too

Max: (looks up) really?

Akumu: (looks down) I can't say my life was cotton candy (looks back up at max) but now, now I feel new

Max: (eyes widen) please, tell me how can I feel the same way you do?

Sirus: (grins) its easy, just close your eyes and let yourself go

Max: (gives a puzzled look) what do you mean?

Sirus: well, (looks down then back up) if you can believe, and clear everything out of your mind and let go, then only will you find your answer

Max: (eyes widen) hey, my dad said something similar like that

Akumu: (smiles) then maybe you should listen to it

Max: (shakes his head) wait-wait this is just crazy. Why am I even listening to you guys

Sirus: how can it be crazy?

Akumu: why are you holding back?

Max: (takes off running) look, just leave me alone

(Max tries to dart across the street but trips over as a 18wheeler rolls down the street at him)

Akumu: (starts to run toward max) MAX!

(The 18 wheeler rolls on as Sirus and akumu stare at a empty road)

Akumu: (looking both ways) wer-were did he go?

Sirus: (looks around) I'm, really not su--

(Just then, max appears out of the air and lands on top of sirus. Causing them both to fall with a thud)

Max: (quickly rising to his feet) what just happened to me?

Akumu: (eyes widen) you-you came out of thin air

Sirus: (stands up and brushes the dirt off) so, you finally let yourself go

Max: (gives a puzzled look) is that what you meant by letting go?

Sirus: (nods with a smile) indeed it was. Now, can you remember what happend?

Max: (grabs his head) well, when the 18 wheeler came at me, I shut me eyes real tight and-

Sirus: (nods) go on

Max: I-I saw a bright flash of light. (Looks at sirus) then I was here

Akumu: I saw that same light too

Max: (eyes widen) really?

Akumu: (nods) yes. (Akumu places a hand on max shoulder) Now,your one of us

Max: (looks down at both his hands and begins to laugh) well how bout that! (Max takes off running then teleports from the ground to the top of the high school roof, through the trees and lands back infront of Sirus and akumu)

Max: (laughing while expanding both his arm out wide) man! This is freaking awesome!

Sirus: (looks up at the stars then back towards Akumu and max) I have something for the both of you

(Sirus touches akumu's and maxes head then grits his teeth as his eyes become white then suddenly change back to normal)

Sirus: (smiling) I have given you both the list of all the villains and Heroes out there (looks back up) now, it is up to us three to help everyone learn who they really are

Max: (eyes widen) Sirus, these people. (Gives Sirus a serious look) I would have never guessed that our high school had this many

Akumu: (looks towards the city) our city is crawling with them

Sirus: (nods) yes, we must find them and help them

Akumu: (takes a step back) well, I know what I need to do. (Akumu calls her rockets then takes off into the air)

Max: (looks after her) wow, she can fly? (Laughs then shakes his head) that's so freakin awesome. (Max takes off running then teleports high into the sky)

Max: (continues to laugh as he runs on the clouds) and I know what I need to do

Sirus: (turns around and shoots off into the sky) and I know what I must do!

To be continued....