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Rachel <3

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Example Rynn
Shaking out her body Rynn let out a frustrated sigh. She was trying to remember something… or someone really. Reaching up to her forehead she rubbed her temples before taking her lead to a nearby fire escape. Blurred memories flashed into her mind giving the young girl a sense of sorrow within her calm blue orbs. The clang of rusted medal awoke Rynn from her past only to find that she had quite a way to go until she reached the concrete below. Pursing her lips together the young blonde leapt from the rusted contraption and landed swiftly onto the cold sidewalk. Many turned to give her an odd greeting of hushed whispers and ugly glances. Shrugging off the looks she started down the street with no destination. Fate would lead her to her next goal or at least that was what she hoped would happen.

Time ticked and the memories pounded into her brain giving Rynn no option but to sit and take them in. She came to a halt around a park with a lake, her eyes roamed until she found a bench off to her right. Pulling her knees up to her chest she rested her head down and stared off at the tiny creatures that had gathered to rest for the night. Ever since she was a child Rynn could remember her gift to communicate with animals, most called her a freak yet there where a few people who managed to relate to her unusual ways. Closing her eyes a memory of a summer day soon came to mind. She was placed within a meadow playing a game of hide-and-seek she of course was the first to be it, which was something she always hated, but at that moment she seemed pretty content. “Hey, no peeking Rae!” A girl’s voice shouted out quickly putting the small blond into her place. “S-Sorry.” Rynn blushed but soon let out a chuckle. “Okay, ready or not here I come.” With that being said she rushed out into the forest ready to search for her two friends. The game didn’t last long for she found the ginger haired girl first and then they search together for a dark haired boy whom had cheated by using his powers to hide . “You’re a cheater, Paul!” The hot-tempered redhead pointed a finger to the male. “I wasn’t cheating. You made the rules Lilly and I know that I followed them!” He stated while folding his arms over his fragile chest. “You’re just jealous that I beat you.” He said while turning on his heels to leave.

Lilly…Paul! By the time Rynn had opened her eyes she had found that the clouded moon had come to replace the sun. Biting her lip the young blonde sat unsure of what to do next. She had no super tracking powers like her two pales… instead she was the weakest out of them since her body was mostly human. That fact never really settled with her for it hurt to be known as the weakest. “I don’t even know where to start.” Her singsong voice filled the silent park only to disappear with the summer breeze. Disappointment filled her heart as she rested her head on the back of the bench. “I can’t believe I forgot about them.”

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