a girl

there is a girl who wishes, there is a girl who bleeds, there is a girl who wonders, there is a girl who walks alone.
there is a girl who doesn’t understand, a girl who has been used, and has been shown no love, a girl who wants to love but knows she cant, a girl, that doesn’t understand why others would love her, a girl who questions everyone’s intentions and is always on guard for the pain she is sure to follow.

there is a girl who doesn’t want to be alone anymore but she knows…she knows that anyone claiming to love her will only hurt her. a girl who is tired of bleeding over others lies, tired of hoping and wishing, a girl who never cries a girl who tries to be strong but on the inside is fragile and is collapsing and crumbling and is slowly disappearing, a girl who knows none can save her, a girl who just wants to be held even when she fights it a girl who wants to be told everything is okay even when she knows its not, a girl that just needs to be kissed,a kiss of love, even tho she is afraid of it. a girl that needs someone to fight for her even tho her enemy is herself. she is looking and searching for the one who will she her the way. could it be you?