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Nothing in General
My journal doesn't really serve any one purpose. Its just there for me to write. Whether it be about my daily life, asking for advice, or some of my stories. Its nothing fancy, nothing specific, and nothing in general.
Extremely Exhausted
Hey Everyone,

Don't know if anyone will read this but all I want to say, is MY WEEKEND HAS BEEN HORRIBLE! I was over at Quinton's place, when suddenly his mother wants us to do a random project. She said that a pipe near the porch was leaking. We thought oh, that shouldn't be that hard to fix. Only lucky us, it was underneath some concrete (major sarcasm).

Being so, we invited Quinton's friend Matt over to help bust up the concrete. The three of us were doing so from around 12-1 PM until about 7-8 PM. This is only because Matt had to go home leaving it to be just Quinton and I. Once Matt was gone, Quinton and I finally found the stupid pipe. It was leaking from the elbow (part where pipe turns).

After doing some research Quinton found that you can't repair this piece of a pipe, only replace it. But at around 9 at night, most hardware stores here are closed. We tried calling Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, all closed. We finally found this place called "Milo's" claiming to be open 24/7. We call and the people there were such jerks! Saying we just had to call back in the morning, they refuse to sell us the part (its only like a $3 part mind you), and they won't come out to fix it until morning.

So curious, Quinton asks how much it will cost to have them come fix it. It was outrageous! They wanted $75 right off the bat just for coming out (they call it a service fee), then another $70 for every hour they are out here, and they round up to the hour, then paid for the part, and as if that's not enough, because its short notice they wanted to put a fee on that too. What a bunch of asses. Excuse my language, but it hasn't been great.

Once Quinton realized that no one could give him a part he tried his best to temporarily seal it. He taped it, glued it, wrapped it in cloth. Stupid thing still leaked. He and I stayed up until 3 in the morning trying to get it to stop. Finally we decided to just eat something and get some sleep. Only it wasn't sleeping so much as napping, considering he also had to work at 7 today. So I'm running on about three hours of sleep give or take a bit.

On top of all that I feel like scum, because I ended up having to stand up one of my best friends, because the work just wouldn't stop coming. Where am I now? At home, sulking, and making coffee. Some weekend, huh? Hope you guys are having better.


Dipsey Lynn

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Oct 17, 2012 @ 10:54pm
dam pluming work alwayz suckz!!!!!!!!!

commentCommented on: Thu Oct 18, 2012 @ 05:21am
No kidding. Its was a major pain. Except Quinton still having to deal with it.

Dipsey Lynn
Community Member
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